Character Count Online is an online tool that lets you easily calculate and count the number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs in your text. Word Count Tool, a free online tool to count the number of words from a block of text. A free word counter! Instantly count words, characters and characters without white spaces by typing or copy-pasting your text in our free online word count tool.


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Done Goals New Goal Enter the number of characters, words, sentences or paragraphs you want to set for a word count tool. Create You can set, delete and edit your goals. Choose a size and color, then click Save. A sentence contains many words and ends with a full stop or a punctuation mark.

What is regarded as a paragraph? A paragraph consists of many sentences and ends with a new-line character. How word count tool the number of syllable calculated?

Online character & word count tool

The number of syllables in a word is calculated based on the vowel pattern in the word. Thus, this metric is appropriate when the demand for word count tool is not very strict.

Authors understand that papers, essays, novels or books should have a minimum number of words.


You word count tool often hear word count tool boast about the length of their word count tool novels. It is customary to charge legal briefs by the word count. School papers often have a word limit.

Word count also serves to regulate the length of documents produced for business, school or other writing assignments. Almost every student will tell you about her word count experience while writing a paper on The Count of Monte Cristo, one of most popular works of Alexandre Dumas and a must read in every schools curriculum.

The availability of word processing tools have made it easy to count words. In the absence of computers it was a challenge to count the number of wordsand every writer dreamt of an easier way to determine word count.

Also, there may be situations where a quick word count is needed.

Online Character Count Tool

For example, you may want to know the word count word count tool some articles that you just read on the web. Word count applications in computer programming are a great utility.

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For example, have you tried word count tool find the count of a specific word in a document? The site offers a web-based application, where you can simply paste a passage or article in a box and get the word count by pressing a button.

Its word count tool surprising that fame, credibility, celebrity status and fortune are associated with authorship. What a waste of you time and effort! Other Uses In many work places, you will be expected to write pieces of certain lengths at times, for example, lawyers, secretaries etc.


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