The best gaming laptops are the best way to play your games on the move. Best gaming laptops the 10 top gaming laptops we've reviewed . good, it's a total win – even if you have to endure some fan noise to get there. 7. Acer Predator Helios Great gaming on a budget. CPU: Intel Core i7. Looking for a fairly modern laptop that will run WIndows 7 Any suggestions would be welcome. Looking at an Alienware 17 R3 since it has  Windows 7 Ultimate on an iHQ. See Acer's brand ranking and where Acer placed in Laptop Mag's Best Sitting in the middle of the pack at number four, Acer continued to win us over As a result of its strong budget and gaming offerings, Acer earned 7.


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The wide silver button to unhook the display lid at the front lets the display lid pop up a bit. The resulting crack between the windows 7 notebook review lid and the base unit is large enough to tilt the display lid up with just your thumb.

Instead of struggling with two spring-loaded switches at once to get the battery out, it falls out practically windows 7 notebook review its own after pulling on just one switch.

MSI CX72-7QLi581 Notebook Review

The base plate can be removed without touching a single screw. Just give the second switch next to the battery a good pull to the right and the base plate comes loose.

If you're worried about the base plate coming off too easily, there are screws included with the laptop you can use to lock it in place. The p really delivers in this regard. For special ports we have the ExpressCard54 slot, which allows you to insert various adapters for other ports.

windows 7 notebook review


We really like the placement of windows 7 notebook review VGA, Ethernet and modem ports at the back. The VGA port D-Sub no longer has the screw holes to allow the cord to be secured to the port by screws see previous windows 7 notebook reviewwhich makes moving the laptop around a delicate matter when attached to a VGA cord.

There are two card readers: Smart Cards are login cards that restrict use of the computer to those who have the right card—used commonly for large-scale IT and security systems. The wifi card and bluetooth are not combined as is typical, rather the Bluetooth module is found at the front, which likely makes the Bluetooth signal easier to pick up.

The model we reviewed only has an unoccupied Mini PCIe slot incl. Security HP doesn't skimp on security. The fingerprint reader, the Smart Card Reader and the spill-safe keyboard liquids leak out through the base plate are the visible elements.

The HP ProtectTools constitute the software side of things. Accessories All the EliteBooks come with a recovery disc for Windows 7 Professional—32 bit or 64 bit depending on your version.

Notebook Reviews, Laptop Reviews - MobileTechReview

If windows 7 notebook review don't want the included Norton software, you can get rid of it by unchecking those items on a list that comes up the first time you boot up.

If windows 7 notebook review constant hooking up and unplugging of external devices gets on your nerves, you might want to invest in a docking station: The station includes a SATA slot, e.

The docking station is also compatible with the p and w of the previous generation of EliteBooks. But that's not all.

The primary battery remains in place, meanwhile. Warranty The HP p comes with a limited warranty for 3 years. The warranty only covers the battery for up to 2 years.

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Input Devices Keyboard The keyboard is in no way flimsy, which makes for firm keystrokes. Some might find it takes too much effort to push in a key, while others will like the windows 7 notebook review and crisp feel of each keystroke.

The spacing between keys isn't quite as large as on a desktop keyboard, but the keys themselves measure the same width: The keys have a moderate depression depth and keystrokes feel very crisp. The arrow keys no longer stick out below the bottommost row of keys but are still easy to feel out without looking thanks to the slight concavity of all the keys.

This arch in the keys means you hardly ever hit the wrong key. Those accustomed to a number pad need only hold windows 7 notebook review Fn key and use the keys marked with a number in a box. Touchpad Depending on your preference, you have the choice of whether to use the touchpad or the trackpoint, which HP calls the Pointstick Synaptics TouchStyk V2.

The two windows 7 notebook review buttons are found under the space bar.

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