The Westside Barbell program is the brainchild of powerlifter and strength coach Louie Simmons. The program's principles are borrowing from Soviet and. Few powerlifting programs have generated as much interest as conjugate periodization (AKA Westside). While the program is certainly effective. Conjugate Method Frequency + Methods. The Westside System adheres to a 4-day per week training schedule and uses an upper/lower split. More specifically, as Westside is a powerlifting gym the upper/lower split can be more suitably defined as a Squat and Deadlift/Bench Press split.


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Louie claims that the stretch reflex does not dissipate for 2 seconds and maintains even longer in trained athletes. The reality is pause bench pressing is a skill that needs westside conjugate method be practiced. Thus, your carryover will be decreased.

The Westside Method: Get Legit-Strong And Jacked As Hell

Instead of avoiding deadlifts altogether, it would be more intelligent to westside conjugate method the flaws in your fatigue management structure so that deadlifts can continue to be trained. Remember, if you want westside conjugate method pull more, you have to pull more.

Nothing carries over better to the deadlift than actually improving your deadlift. Louie repeatedly claims you only have a certain amount of time to finish a maximal attempt.

Improving Strength with the Westside Conjugate System

You have about ten seconds before westside conjugate method maximally deplete ATP stores and maximal force production is no longer possible. How many times have you seen a lifter miss because they were grinding for 10 seconds?

What good will improving our speed do? For the strength athlete, in terms of rate of force development RFDit might take 0. This would be a substantial lifetime achievement that most athletes never accomplish.

You would now have earned yourself westside conjugate method 0. Some people claim that you can generate maximal force production with sub-maximal weights on the bar. While you can certainly learn to exert more force on sub-maximal weights, force production is not maximized until heavy weights are put on the bar.

Tendo unit experiments done by Mike Tuchscherer confirm this.

16-Week Conjugate Periodization Program For Novice Powerlifters

Speed work does NOT allow you to use maximal force production with sub-maximal weights! Speed work is not specific to powerlifting because it does not directly translate westside conjugate method improved performance for all the reasons discussed here.

As such, it makes virtually no sense to feature speed work as one of the most prominent parts of a powerlifting program. Westside conjugate method parts of any lift are going to be easier than others.

That is, leverage changes throughout the range of motion. This is the area where westside conjugate method force production is the least and it is generally your point of worst mechanical leverage.

With bands and chains, you can still load a weight that is hard to break through your sticking point while simultaneously training the rest of the range of motion harder as well.

This is because bands and chains make the lift more difficult at the top. Most raw lifters have sticking points at the bottom of the movement!


Unlike geared lifters who generally get the most help from their suits and shirts right at the bottom, and thus westside conjugate method that extra top end range of motion work badly, most raw lifters actually need more bottom end work to address their strength westside conjugate method deficiencies in order that they may continue to make progress.

Bands and chains only serve to alter their form less so with chains and decrease overall specificity to their training.

Why I Wouldn't Westside: A Review of Conjugate Training | PowerliftingToWin

Westside conjugate method, Westside, in my opinion, is simply not specific enough to raw powerlifting. Personally, I would never recommend Westside to the raw lifter. Overload Westside employs a form of progressive overload. As you set new maxes, the weights you use for dynamic effort increase. Good Mornings and Reverse Hyperextensions are emphasized as accessory work.

See common Westside Barbell Exercises and Westside conjugate method. Adapting Westside to Fit Your Needs The Westside program was originally designed for advanced powerlifters lifting with powerlifting gear.

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