Se você prestar atenção na terminação destes verbos as chances de errar na Por Diogo Arrais, professor de português (@diogoarrais). te dá uma mão com a aprendizagem dos verbos portugueses. Dispõe de tabelas completas de conjugação de verbos. Chamam-se verbos frasais aqueles que mudam de significado quando É mais encontrado no português coloquial falado no Brasil.


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Verbos en portugues those terms were defined, we review some works on the studied subject and found that, when dealing with the verbal valence, grammarians and writers dictionaries that were studied had very limited conclusions about this subject.


On the other hand, the linguists, in spite of having contributed to the study of the valences, all of them differ in some way from the scope of this work.

Since the target of our research is essentially descriptive, its methodology is based on survey and analysis of data from a large corpus of oral and written Portuguese language, which consists of dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, discussion forums and spontaneous language data, and introspection verbos en portugues, fruit of the intuition of the speakers who verbos en portugues their own language.

In order to analyze these verbos en portugues, we need to resort to the notion of thematic roles, what is essential in the semantic description of the constructions.


We have seen that the definition and identification is not yet a consensus among linguists, however, we tried to define those who were present at the construction of the spilling verbs.

The conceptual factors or imagery, Langacker,of the three infinitival complement constructions of Portuguese arc briefly analyzed, which represent a more verbos en portugues continuum of event integration and of verbos en portugues autonomy and causer control.

Finally, we briefly describe the compatibilities between the verbs and constructions, and include a reference to the alternative construction with the finite complement, and to the causative-reflexive and causative-resultative constructions.

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