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Most guys spend hours at the gym and tell their girlfriends about their long, hard workouts.

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Well, this guy did practically nothing. He spent more unleashing the wild physique reading the bulletin board, drinking the water, and looking at himself in the mirror than he did working out. There was nothing intense to his workout. Look at the people he trains.

Are they making any progress? These people spend two and three hours a day in a gym and their personal trainer kills them.

  • Unleashing the Wild Physique : Vince Gironda :
  • Unleashing the Wild Physique
  • Find a copy in the library

The greatest amount of work in the least amount of time. How fast you do it is what counts.


The guy was just so brilliant it was unleashing the wild physique mind-boggling. The scientific principles and ideas he would use to create a physique were just amazing.

I showed the kid what this personal trainer was doing wrong. He was telling people to grab the weight with their thumbs around the bar. You almost never put your thumb around the bar — only in a few exercises.

Unleashing the Wild Physique by Vince Gironda | LibraryThing

In any exercise you will inadvertently use your unleashing the wild physique to help lift the weight. Some call it a false grip.

He had these people doing sit ups and leg raises. They were trying to gain size but not getting anywhere because, as Vince explained, of the shock to the solar plexus.

He was having them do bench press for chest, but the bench press is not a chest exercise. Vince preached isolation exercises. Like Vince, I teach nutrition first and then exercise. Some people look but they never really see. Some people listen but they never unleashing the wild physique hear.

Unfortunately, big advertising and marketing are America. They were adversaries and their training philosophies were totally different.

Unleashing the Wild Physique by Vince Gironda | LibraryThing

To him Vince was just a gym owner and seller of his nutritional supplements unleashing the wild physique courses. Vince pretty much died a pauper. After Vince died, Weider had the very, very commendable decency to write a little section in his magazine concerning him.

Vince knew the lessons of life, such as you should never be concerned whether people like you or not, but whether they respect you. The liking will come after they respect you. He scared many so-called authorities with his revolutionary ideas and theories.

This is why they attacked him routinely. Vince called his findings facts, but Gene Mozee and John Balik said that statement was extreme. However, I never knew his methods to fail. To me they were facts! unleashing the wild physique

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