THE LOST HORIZON, Syracuse, New York. 13K likes. See who's coming to The Lost Horizon on ! Get out and go to a show! James Hilton's famous utopian adventure novel, and the origin of the mythical sanctuary Shangri-La, receives new life in this beautiful reissue from Harper. Title: Lost Horizon Author: James Hilton * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted: Oct


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Lost Horizon ( film) - Wikipedia

Then he stared through the window and could see the earth quite close, vague and snail-gray, scampering underneath. Presently the plane touched ground.

Something was heard to strain and snap, and one of the tires the lost horizon.


A bruise, nothing much. He must do something to help these people.

Lost Horizon - IMDb

But he was the last the lost horizon the four to stand up when the plane came to rest. With no sound in their ears save the fierce gusts of wind and their own crunching footsteps, they felt themselves at the mercy of something dour and savagely melancholy—a mood in which both earth and the lost horizon were saturated.

The moon looked to have disappeared behind clouds, and starlight illumined a tremendous emptiness heaving with wind. Without thought or knowledge, one could have guessed that this bleak world was mountain-high, and that the mountains rising from it were mountains on top of mountains.

A range of them gleamed on a far horizon like a row of dogteeth. Mallinson, feverishly active, was already making for the cockpit. Conway sprang after the lost horizon, but too late to prevent the investigation.

After a the lost horizon seconds, however, the youth dropped down again, gripping his arm and muttering in a hoarse, sobered staccato: I think the fellow's ill or dead or something I can't get a word out of him. Come up and look I took his revolver, at any rate.

Of all times and places and situations on earth, this seemed to him to combine the most hideous discomforts. He hoisted himself stiffly the lost horizon a position from which he could see, not very well, into the enclosed cockpit. There was a strong smell of gasoline, so he did not risk striking a match.


He could just the lost horizon the pilot, huddled forward, his head sprawling over the controls. He shook him, unfastened his helmet, and loosened the clothes round his neck.

A moment later he turned round to report: We must get him out.


His voice was sharper, more incisive; no longer did he seem to the lost horizon hovering on the brink of some profound doubtfulness. The time, the place, the cold, his fatigue, were now of less account; there was a job that simply had to be done, and the more conventional part of him was uppermost and preparing to do it.

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