Taper Turning Attachment is very much popular and fits on all lathe machine. It is telescopic type taper turning. Strock capacity up to mm. For longer tapers then some sort of taper turning attachment is desirable. Another advantage of using a taper turning attachment is that the lathe autofeed can be. Tag: Advantages of Taper Turning Attachment. Lathe Machine · Lathe Machine Operations “Taper Turning” · September 24, November 20,


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Tail-stock set over method 3.


Compound rest method 4. Taper turning attachment method Let us see when and how these methods are used: This is one of the simplest methods to produce short taper.


To the required angle the form is grounded and used. The tool is fed perpendicular to the lathe axis, when the work piece rotates.

  • Taper Turning Attachment - For Lathe Machines - Lathes

The tool cutting edge length must be greater than the taper length. Since the entire cutting edge removes the metal, it produces a lot of vibration and hence a large force is required.

It is performed at a slow speed. To set up the lathe attachment for turning a taper, the proper TPF must be calculated and the taper attachment set-over must be checked with a dial indicator prior to cutting.

Calculate the taper per foot by using the formula: Use a dial indicator and taper turning attachment in lathe test bar to set up for the exact taper.

Taper Turning Attachment

Check the taper in the same manner as cutting the taper by allowing for backlash and moving the dial indicator along the test bar from the tailstock end of the head stock end.

Check the TPI by using the thread-chasing dial, or using layout lines of 1-inch size, and multiply by taper turning attachment in lathe to check the TPF.

Make any adjustments needed, set up the work to be tapered, taper turning attachment in lathe take a trial cut. After checking the trial cut and making final adjustments, continue to cut the taper to required dimensions as in straight turning.

Some lathes are set up in metric measurement instead of inch measurement. The taper attachment has a scale graduated in degrees, and the guide bar can be set over for the angle of the desired taper.

If the angle of the taper is not given, use the following formula to determine the amount of the guide bar set over: A metric dial indicator can be used to measure the guide bar taper turning attachment in lathe over, or the values can be changed to inch values and an inch dial indicator used.

Checking Tapers for Accuracy Tapers must be checked for uniformity after cutting a trial cut.

Lay a good straight edge along the length of the taper and look for any deviation of the angle or surface. Deviation is caused by backlash or a lathe with loose or worn parts. A bored taper may be checked with a plug gage Figure by marking the gage with chalk or Prussian blue pigment.

Insert the gage into the taper and turn it one taper turning attachment in lathe.

Page 2 of 2 - Instructions How To Use a Lathe by American Machine Tools Corp.

If the marking on the gage has been rubbed evenly, the angle of taper is taper turning attachment in lathe. The angle of taper must be increased when there is not enough contact at the small end of the plug gage, and it must be decreased when there is not enough contact at the large end of the gage.

After the correct taper has been obtained but the gage does not enter the workpiece far enough, additional cuts must be taken to increase the diameter of the bore.

An external taper may be checked taper turning attachment in lathe a ring gage Figure

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