Jason Vale's 'Super Juice Me! Day Juice Plan' has been specifically designed for those who need to lose weight and make changes to their health. After watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (can be seen on YouTube, the whole programme) I am full of good intentions to do the Super Juice Me. Read about Super Juice Me! from Crown House Publishing.


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Super Juice Me! Trailer on Vimeo

Jason wanted to test what effect, if any, living on a juice only diet for days would have on their diseases and overall health. At the end of the Super Juice Me!

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Big Juice Experiment every person experienced positive changes to their health conditions; one person even lost 38lbs in just those 28 days. The Full Super Juice Me!

Watch the trailer for Super Juice Me! Author Details Jason Vale Jason Vale is a well-known health and addiction author who has sold over 5 million books, over 1 million apps and is the man super juice me the ground-breaking health documentary Super Juice Me! He is frequently featured on radio, television and in the press across the globe, and his unique approach… Reviews Lilac Pierce, Pawsitive Living 6th July A decade or so super juice me, juicing was something that only overzealous health nuts did.

Super Juice Me!: 28 Day Juice Plan

Today, juicing has become very popular because of its amazing health benefits. There are copious juicing programs on the web ranging from one to ninety-two days, or even super juice me, but some leave you grappling for direction.


Jason Vale challenges anyone suffering from overweight or a lifestyle disease to try it on for size. His most comprehensive juice program to date comes super juice me the back of his ground-breaking and super juice me acclaimed film, Super Juice Me!

Jason Vale is known as the Juice Master, and for good reason. His Super Juice Me program has helped thousands of people regain their health, lose weight and even get off harmful pharma meds.

The program is super juice me laid out for you so you know exactly what juices you will be making each day. The juice recipes are rotated, so you get a healthy variety of different sweet and savoury flavors, and your daily nutrients.


This day program suggests that you can lose 28 pounds in 28 days. The weight you lose is really reflective on your current weight, so some super juice me lose less and others more.

I did this juice cleanse and lost 14 pounds.

Super Juice Me!: 28 Day Juice Plan by Jason Vale

The book is full of examples of the tremendous weight loss and improved health many have experienced since doing the cleanse. Once these levels have been normalized, headaches subside. One of the easiest ways to boost your vitamin and mineral levels super juice me with fresh juice.


Choose to juice fresh fruits and vegetables high in these nutrients, like spinach, celery, parsley or romaine, and add them to coconut water.

Coconut water is the best source of electrolytes, and includes sodium, potassium and magnesium. One of the super juice me side effects of constant stress is the rapid loss of vitamin C. This leads to vitamin-C deficiency, resulting in poorly functioning adrenals, a suppressed immune system and rapid aging.

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