You could do worse than to check out Sony's latest NEX camera the EA The model has features on-board sympathetic to the 'run & gun'. The Sony EA50 was announced two months ago (LINK) and impressed us with its very interesting and ergonomic looking design, the zoom. Sony just called me and sent me all the infos about their newest addition to the NEX range. They just launched the Sony NEX-EA50, a large.


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The most striking weakness of this camera is sony nex ea50eh absent of a built-in ND filter. I would love to go out with one of the camera engineers and film outdoor in normal lighting conditions and see his response to the footage while shooting without ND filter.

When the shoulder pad is extended, the camcorder can be balanced on the shoulder giving added stability for longer shooting times.

Alternatively, when the shoulder pad is returned to the original position, the camcorder becomes compact enough to use in various handheld styles allowing users to capture a wide sony nex ea50eh of shots.

Sony NEX-EA50 Camcorder - Black | eBay

With its short flange back distance, it sony nex ea50eh possible to attach both established A-mount lenses via the LA-EA2 lens mount adapter, and an unrivalled choice of other brands lenses using third-party adapters. The zoom is incldued!


See their cheesy introduction video below: The electronic zoom lens with autofocus and optical image stabilization looks impressive on paper. Overall image resolution from the lens sony nex ea50eh to the recorded AVCHD was also a little worse than cameras with similarly sized, but true HD sensors.

The overall build quality exhibits that solidity that Sony cameras have had for a few years now.

Sony NEX-EA50UH Camcorder with mm Servo Zoom NEX-EA50UH

Unusually for this camera class, there is an adjustable shoulder pad, which sony nex ea50eh well with the LCD loupe. Nevertheless, with a heavier battery than the one supplied, and with some accessories screwed into the three threaded mounts on the shoulder pad that HDMI recorder, perhaps?

In addition, using fixed focal length lenses users can simulate a zoom effect using the smart digital zoom function, ensuring fast-paced sony nex ea50eh are never missed.

In addition, the NEX-EA50EH has a built-in mechanical shutter to eliminate shutter-induced blur during long exposures while capturing still pictures.

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