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Registration begins November 4th, for the spring semester, which starts on January 27th.

Pairs in TaNaKh This course will explore TaNaKh by analyzing several pairs of individuals and comparing their different character traits middotbehaviors and actions. Topics covered include leadership, parent-child relationships and making covenants. smart notebook 11/3/15

Houston ISD Advances Personalized Learning with Knovation

Students will carefully study texts and develop critical thinking and smart notebook 11/3/15 skills as they connect sources from the TaNaKh about human nature to their own lives.

The course instructor, Arielle Gereboff, teaches middle and high school-aged students at the San Diego Jewish Academy.


In addition to multiple degrees and certifications, Gereboff has 14 years of teaching experience, including formal and informal education for grades K and at the university level. Mishna This course will serve as an introduction to smart notebook 11/3/15 literature, specifically the teachings of the sages as found in smart notebook 11/3/15 Mishna, the first major written compilation of Jewish oral traditions and the first major work of Rabbinic Judaism.

Smart notebook 11/3/15 advanced students will have the opportunity for independent enrichment with additional source material from the Mishna, other Tannaitic works, the Talmud and the legal codes of Maimonides. The course instructor, Rabbi Peretz Hochbaum will help students examine the topic of Zionism within the context smart notebook 11/3/15 a contemporary religious perspective.

This course will explore the backgrounds and contributions of some of the dreamers, founders and pioneers who played a major role in the creation of the Israel we know today. By learning about these history makers, students will gain insight into the historical timeline and progression from pre-statehood to modern day Israel.


Stalbow also teaches Smart notebook 11/3/15 language, and prior to working in the Yeshiva high school world, she designed educational study tours to destinations including Israel, Europe and South America.

Digital Citizenship and Jewish Values OJSC program director, Lisa Micley, and VHS site coordinator and instructor, Joyce Wheeler, will help students consider what it means to be a good digital citizen and to explore the intersection between modern technology, Jewish texts and Jewish values.

Jewish day school students will find it especially meaningful to learn how Judaism relates to decisions concerning ethics and safety on the Internet.

In her role as Program Director for the OJSC, Micley recruits teachers and schools for the program and works on course development and reviewing smart notebook 11/3/15 content for each course.

She was smart notebook 11/3/15 the library media specialist at Scarborough High School in Maine.

Smart Notebook without subscription?

To enroll or learn more about the OJSC, please visit www. Sincethe nonprofit organization has set the standard for quality online education.


VHS provides courses taught in global online classrooms for secondary school students and online professional development for educators. The organization also meets the unique educational needs of schools through custom course development and smart notebook 11/3/15 course offerings.

VHS design and delivery standards are the model used by the National Education Association in their recommended standards for online learning.

For more information, visit www. Each resource in the collection was selected, evaluated, tagged and aligned to Texas standards by educators to make personalized learning easier.

Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro VN7-572G-72L0 Notebook Review

The platform will be fully rolled out in the school year. In addition to making its digital resource collection available through the HUB, Knovation will create curated content collections of matching TEKS-aligned resources to provide teachers with a convenient starting point for instruction within the Smart notebook 11/3/15 platform.

Knovation makes it easy to find, manage, and use free digital smart notebook 11/3/15 for learning by professionally evaluating, standards aligning and continuously maintaining a collection of overdigital resources covering all subjects and all grades.

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