As an offshoot of that, he has also been working on a project called Significant Objects, which resells inexpensive thrift store finds on eBay at a. “Significant Objects: Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things” only slightly exaggerates. It is stories about things, though only. Significant Objects, a literary and anthropological experiment devised by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn, demonstrated that the effect of narrative on any given.


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Worth their weight in words

They paired each item with a writer significant objects artist, landing a genuinely extraordinary group of talent: And they asked each writer or artist to make up a short story about the item; then they posted the item and the story on eBay.

Despite significant objects the items with a caveat that the story significant objects was fictional — some stories claim the item for sale was destroyed, Myla Goldberg's paragraph-long story about a bubble maker begins "This is not a toy" — each item, now having something like a celebrated history, sold for much more than they bought for.

I was about to write, "much more than they were worth" — but again, worth is subjective. There's a reasonable argument that the authors' celebrity has a lot to do with the final take.


And yet, reading the stories and what each item was sold for, one notices significant objects the only constant is that a story was attached at all.

Proceeds go to the authors and to nonprofits.

Significant Objects: Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things by Joshua Glenn

As for the quality of the stories, it's the significant objects significant thing about "Significant Objects," though none are long enough to be taxing and several are moving acts of micro fiction. Stewart O'Nan 's story, paired with a duck-headed tray, is about a significant objects named Emily, later the protagonist of his novel "Emily, Alone.

And not that they even had to go to this trouble to prove their point: The right back story for a brand such as Apple, the editors argue, helps build a phenomenon. However, the associated significant objects between objects significant objects scenes remains unclear.

In this study, four categories of scene images and four types of significant objects were designed as stimuli. Representational similarity analysis RSA of significant objects magnetic resonance imaging fMRI data showed that correlation coefficients of the activity patterns for objects and scenes were significantly positive in the LOC and PPA.

They sent these objects to writers to create stories around the objects. They then sold the objects on Ebay to see if the stories increased the value of the items.

Significant objects — kelly bjork

However, Significant objects was disappointed in many of the stories. Oct 24, Child rated it really liked it This book significant objects a series of super short stories that were written by different writers. Each was given a picture of a small random object that they then wrote a story about and then the object was put up on Ebay with the story as the object description.

Prices that the object were originally bought for and what they sold for are included. Apr 29, Nate rated significant objects it was ok A great and interesting experiment, just not significant objects fun to read. Mar 11, Charity rated it liked it This was a really interesting collection of stories all centered around objects that fill our lives.

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As part of an experiment each story was written by a different significant objects, giving a great variety of literary tactics. Some stories were wonderful, some were inspiring, and some were just confusing.

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