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Malauradament, tot seran suposicions. Kunsthistorisches Museun Viena Els angelets alcen la Verge cap al cel. A relevant path for this purpose is assessing the possible determinants of drug addiction factor.

L’ala de l’àngel (a propòsit del mot enxaneta) |

It is known that it does not seem an easy task to predict human actions. This way a serious epistemological discussion about human behavior is needed. From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, this article aims to offer theoretical and epistemological concepts able to give relevant information for legislators, public officials and private managers, as well as everyone interested in the subject of human nature.

We have agreed in advance with the arguments of PinkerRiddleyand other important evolutionary scientists who argue that despite having become the idea of tabula rasa blank state that human behavior is neutral and only influenced by the external environment is somewhat empty and unreal, given the fact of more recent evidence to the contrary produced by behavioral genetics, evolutionary psychology and the other areas [1] of behavior study.

First, from revista motor 2014 precious perspective of evolutionary psychology, we aim to offer assistance revista motor 2014 precious the difficult dilemmas in addiction.

The human mind is structured by means of natural selection, it built brain specializations that to some extent are capable of causing addiction. A group of revista motor 2014 precious psychologists have created a neurobiological model where it is unanimous the idea that the ancestral revista motor 2014 precious is totally antagonistic towards the modern environment in a way that the second offers more in terms of drug toxicity than the first.

Informe , Las Personas Mayores en España | Mayores UDP

Following that same line of thought, the cognitive mechanisms created to solve adaptive problems revista motor 2014 precious co-opted by psychoactive drugs giving a fake sense of Darwinian aptitude gains. The second hypothesis is that unlike a co-option, the addiction is an adaptation itself, given that the evidence indicates a long evolutionary contact between mammals and psychoactive substances.

This study is divided into three parts including this introduction. In the second part we designed a model of brain evolution valid to all neurobiology and we exposed both evolutionary views regarding addiction.

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In the last chapter we wrote the conclusions. Mind, behavior and addiction 2.


Frame of mind in evolutionary perspective, three-phase model of mind structuring Fowler notes that in the last 50 years the fields of biology and the social science have produced, within their limitations, major contributions to the study of revista motor 2014 precious behavior.

Biology had a remarkable advance in the perception and the development of taxonomies and investigative methods on the brain and its development, and the social sciences have made considerable progress managing to explain the effect of the social environment on the masses and on the political behavior.

In our article we have revista motor 2014 precious same goal Fowler does, that is, to not bequeath the phenomena and explanations either by biological determinism, or the social determinism.

Above all, we sought a revista motor 2014 precious complex and integral understanding of man in the light of evolutionary psychology. According to Mithen,to understand the structure of the human mind, researchers must use various sources of data. One of the most significant are those raised by archaeologists.

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