The Mystery of the Blue Train is a made-for-television adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel of the same name. It is Season 10, Episode 1 of Agatha Christie's "Poirot".Theme music composer‎: ‎Stephen McKeon. Poirot S10E01 The Mystery of the Blue Train POIROT S13 E4 The Labours of Hercules. Directed by Hettie Macdonald. With David Suchet, James D'Arcy, Alice Eve, Nicholas Farrell. Poirot investigates the brutal murder of an American heiress and  ‎Full Cast & Crew · ‎Plot Summary · ‎User Reviews · ‎Quotes.


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"Poirot" The Mystery of the Blue Train (TV Episode ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

I may tell you that Poirot blue train have heard of you from my old friend Rufus Van Aldin. The television film, The Mystery of the Blue Train includes several changes from the original novel. In the film, Ruth's lover is travelling on the train with her, and they are both fleeing her husband.

Lady Tamplin, Corky and her daughter Lenox also travel on the blue train. Ruth becomes friends with Katherine Grey.

They switch train compartments, and when Ruth is bludgeoned to death, making her features unrecognisable, Poirot speculates that the intended victim may have been Katherine. Rufus, Ruth's father, has a wife in the film, who became insane after Ruth's birth, and Rufus has ensured her poirot blue train wife's safekeeping at a convent, where she has become a nun.

The Mystery of the Blue Train (film) - Wikipedia

New characters were added to the film; at one point, one of the other passengers, who happens to be Poirot blue train mistress, visits Rufus's wife, who mistakes the passenger for her daughter Ruth. In the movie Ada Mason tries to kill Katherine because Knighton falls in love with Katherine and Ada is jealousbut Lenox jumps on her and bites her on the poirot blue train.

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At the end of the film, the murderer, Major Poirot blue train Knighton, commits suicide by having himself run over by an oncoming train, instead of just being poirot blue train by the French police as in the novel. The television film also shows Lady Tamplin's fourth husband Corky by name acquiring a ruby for her.

In the novel, Lady Tamplin's fourth husband is named "Chubby", and he has nothing to do with the ruby.

The Mystery of the Blue Train - Wikipedia

In contrast to the book, the setting of the poirot blue train appears to be the late s, given the music styles played, including the song " Sing, Sing, Sing With a Swing ", as well as the clothing and hair fashions depicted. The events ofwith the death of her mother, her husband's infidelity, and her breakdown and ten-day disappearance, had left a deep psychological scar and, now separated from Archie Christie and in need of funds, she turned back to writing.

The story did not come easily to her and she referred to this novel in her autobiography stating that she "always poirot blue train it".


The Mystery of the Blue Train was first serialised in the London evening newspaper The Star in thirty-eight un-illustrated instalments from Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 15 Poirot blue train The entire first two chapters were omitted from the serialisation and it therefore contained only thirty-four chapters.

There were slight amendments to the text, either to make sense of the openings of an instalment e. A reference to the continental Daily Mail at the start of chapter six chapter eight in the book was changed to "the newspaper" to avoid poirot blue train a competitor to The Star.

Three chapters were given different names: The final chapter, called By the Sea in the book, was unnamed in the serialisation. This is the only major work by Agatha Christie in which the UK first edition carries no copyright or publication date.

Full Cast & Crew

This dedication is a direct reference to the events of which included the death of Christie's mother on 5 April, [14] the breakdown of her marriage to Archibald Christie, and her famous ten-day disappearance in December that year.

These were events which disturbed her for the remainder of her life [15] and Poirot blue train learned that people she expected to be allies in her time of need turned away from her. Seventh, the extremely complicated background with poirot blue train Marquis", Demetrius and Zia Papopolous is removed a wise decision.


Instead, Corky finds the imitation ruby, Derek is in heavy gambling debt to the Count, and one of the culprits attempts to kill Katherine in her sleep.

At the end of the film, the murderer poirot blue train suicide, instead of just being arrested by the French police as in the novel.


The end result is such that, if you can get past the changes, the adaptation isn't half bad. I particularly like the way in which Poirot's avuncular qualities are brought to the fore. Poirot blue train not going to defend the changes what's up with Andrews and nuns?

He adds them in all of his three adaptations! Directing, production design, locations, soundtrack Hettie Macdonald's direction has divided opinions, I have noticed.

Her experimental use of camera angles and shadows takes a bit of getting used to, I admit, but I find them mainly effective.

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