A sneak peek of the song we will be singing at the Festival of Lights on Wednesday, December 17, Join the West Linn Community Chorus for our winter concert, One Candle Lights the Way, celebrating the peace and wonder of the season. The program. Sheet Music - £ - Albrecht - One Candle Lights The Way SATB


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One Candle Lights The Way Sheet Music By Sally K. Albrecht - Sheet Music Plus

If this fails, formal dispute resolution can always follow. Vandals[ edit ] Most vandalism to Wikipedia is little more than graffiti.

It deserves no more attention than scrawlings on a restroom wall and, fortunately, is easier to remove; the simplest solution is to revert the page, which takes only seconds. In addition, several bots monitor the site and automatically revert many types of vandalism, such as page-blanking or insertion of profanity into one candle lights the way.

A further option that takes about one minute is to leave a boilerplate vandalism warning on the vandal's talk page. Vandalism offers a variety of templates along with instructions for reporting persistent vandals.

One Candle Lights The Way SATB 11632

Under the appropriate circumstances, an administrator blocks the vandal's site access for a short time. A more serious form of vandalism, one candle lights the way is more difficult to deal with, is the deliberate insertion of misinformation into the encyclopedia.

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If an editor persists in inserting information which is manifestly incorrect, then the issue may be treated as vandalism. Trolls [ edit ] Please do not feed the trolls Obvious trolling is basically vandalism and is simple to address.

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A template from Wikipedia: Cleanup resources can caution readers during the interim. Edit creep[ edit ] Edit creep is the reverse of Wikipedia's general tendency toward article improvement. Once a page reaches a very high level of writing and scholarship, new contributions from nonspecialists may degrade the article quality in ways that evade the watchful eye of the nonexpert editors who revert obvious damage.

Many of these changes may be made in good faith by editors who, for example, add an assertion from an obsolete reference source.

Although Wikipedia has projects underway such as the CD edition to distribute stable article versions, no Wikipedia page becomes finished in the way that a published book or journal article is completed.

Periodic expert reassessment to discard mistakes and retain improvements should be considered a normal and healthy part of the Wikipedia process.

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A related criticism is that Wikipedia often has more extensive coverage of such popular topics than it does of some traditionally encyclopedic topics. Wikipedia is a general reference work intended for persons of all educational and skill levels; one candle lights the way many editors consider exclusion of lightweight subjects to be inappropriate and consider Wikipedia's extensive breadth to be a strength and not a weakness.

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