I, Noting, II, Arrangement of Paper in a Case, 9. III, Referencing, IV, Drafting, V, Style in Notes & Drafts, VI, Forms of Communication. OFFICE PROCEDURE – Noting and Drafting The name. of officer signing a note should be indicated below the dated signature All notes should be concise. Drafting. Preparation of any communication, which it is proposed to issue by, or under the direction of the Government. Page 4. Commands for Drafting. Identity.


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In the correspondence part the papers will be tagged noting and drafting right to left, the latest being at the top 4. Earlier communications referred to in the correspondence will be indicated by pencil by giving their position on the file Routine receipts and issues may not be allowed to clutter up the file.

Further papers on the subject will be marked volume II. The initiating officer will put up a draft considered necessary by him.

He should not wait for the line of action or content of the communication to be told. RTIs especially should be given primacy.

At this stage, you should also give yourself a noting and drafting deadline for putting up the noting. Collate and Comprehend Once you know how much time you have, you should start paying attention to all the factors involved in the case.

Understanding the case or the problem is the key here. A thorough analysis of the problem must be done. In the process, you may also feel the need to collect more information about the case. Anything and everything relevant to the case and problem must not only be collected but also placed on the file and referred to in the noting.

Check Precedence Whether you take this step before or after step II is entirely dependent on the case and your preferences. Checking precedence is also important as it maintains consistency in disposal of similar cases.

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At the same time, looking at similar cases and how they were dealt with in the past will noting and drafting give you a better understanding of the case. Discuss If you have studied the case well, you should have a plan of action or solution for it by now. However, before you proceed to the next stage, you should ideally discuss it with your seniors.

After all, they will be the first people to read your noting. Getting their advice can make life easier for you. If your senior does point out a more efficient solution, you should make sure that you incorporate it in your noting later.

What to do Before Drafting While noting may be the more challenging between noting and drafting, its drafting that carries with it noting and drafting risk because it is always for the final decision and not deliberation. So, before you start drafting a communication, it will help if you consider the following elements: This means that, before you start writing, you have to capture the mindset of the actual sender and formulate your writing on that basis.

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Gathering information like designation of the sender and noting and drafting receiver, address, etc. There are different forms of communications that are put to use in different situations. To decide which one you should you will need details like what is noting and drafting level of formality and who is the target audience amongst other things.

The Purpose The purpose of sending the communication will help you decide what to include and what not to include in the draft.

The questions that can help you decide are: Is it a query? Is it meant to convey noting and drafting Is it meant to give guidelines? Once you have all this information you can move on to actually writing the draft.

What Is English Noting and Drafting?

Writing Noting and Drafting Now that you have done the background work associated with noting and noting and drafting, you can come to the question of how to write noting and drafting. The difference arises noting and drafting the fact that they are expected to perform different functions.

While noting focuses on thorough examination of a case from every angle, drafting is concerned with accurately conveying a message.

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