We will be starting a new 5E game soon and it looks like we will be trying out a The Monk is a Rogue type replacement and will be the skill monkey for By DarkMask in forum *Pathfinder, Starfinder, Older D&D Editions (4E,  5E Monk Weapon. This is just about the choices for a monk, and made for people who already Suggest you read the Player's Handbook for D&D Fifth 's Stunning Strike most broken ability? - Giant In. Basic Features. Hit Points. Hit Dice: 1d8 per monk level; Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier; Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your  ‎Martial Arts · ‎Deflect Missiles.


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Monk | D&D 5th Edition Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Fist of Unbroken Air Just attack, you'll do more damage. Flames of the Phoenix Fireball is a good spell, but you don't need more ways to deal damage that badly.

Gong of the Summit Bad damage for 3 ki points Mist Stance Both out-of-combat and in-combat use. Ride the Wind Mobility is good.

This spell gives mobility. This spell is good.


River of Hungry Flame Lots of uses, depends on your creativity. Sweeping Cinder Strike This is simply awful.

D&D 5th Edition

Water Whip Errata turned this into an action, making it worthless. Wave of Rolling Earth Just like wall of fire, this can be used in many ways.

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Multiclassing Show Barbarian Extra rage damage and unarmored defense are useless, but rage gives other benefits, and Reckless Attack is pretty neat. Bard A spellcasting class that needs your dump stat.

If you have a Charisma of 14 or more why would you? If your charisma is 10 or less, though, this is simply awful Cleric You monk d&d 5th edition have good wisdom, and many of the domains have attractive powers.

Extra AC while wildshaping and spells, and all you need are stats you'd boost anyway? Better than cleric, except for a one-level dip.


Fighter One or two levels in fighter rarely hurt. Ranger Ignore the stat matchups; this is a bad multiclass. Rogue Shadow monk mixes nice with rogue. Sorcerer Why would you do this? There are still better options, though. You can spend 4 ki points to cast Gaseous Formtargeting yourself. Ride the Wind 11th Monk d&d 5th edition Required: You can spend 4 ki points to cast Flytargeting yourself.

River of Hungry Flame 17th Level Required.

The Monk Class for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) - D&D Beyond

You can spend 5 ki points to cast Wall of Fire. Rush of the Gale Spirits: You can spend 2 ki points to cast Gust of Wind. Shape the Flowing River: As an action, you can spend 1 ki point to choose an area of ice or water no larger than 30 feet on a side within feet monk d&d 5th edition you. You can change water to ice within the area and vice versa, and you can reshape ice in the area in any manner you choose.


The extent of any such changes can't exceed half the area's largest dimension. You can't shape the ice to trap or injure a creature in the area. You can spend 2 ki points to cast Burning Hands.

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