Balta Vrăjitoarelor, din pădurea Boldu-Creţeasca, o poartă către altă lume CITEŞTE ŞI: Pădurea Baciu, Triunghiul Bermudelor din România. Padurea Hoia-Baciu | Fenomene Stranii In Romania Considerata drept cea mai bantuita padure din. Un documentar despre straniile fenomene petrecute in Padurea Hoia-Baciu din apropiere de Cluj, postat pe youtube, a fost vizionat pana acum.


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Misterele padurii Hoia Baciu from Energia Constiintei on Vimeo

Her father found an old rich man for her to marry, but during the wedding day, she ran with the servant in misterele din padurea baciu forest.

Her father found them and killed her lover and then dacapitated her. It is generally accepted that the two scary things about the forest are: Within the park is the Summer Theatre, built in During the night, in misterele din padurea baciu area can be heard strident sounds and the cough of a man whereof it is said that belongs to Bazilescucoming from beyond the columns of the derelict theatre.

It was a big monastery, with thick walls, reason for that the Turks "confused" it and assaulted it. Moreover, some historical sources show that between its walls died of plague the Metropolitan of Wallachia, Cozma.


The land and the building have never got to be sanctified. Chiajna, who would have been killed on the orders of her mother after she ran with her beloved without her mother's approval.

She died there, after three hours she desperately cried for help, with no misterele din padurea baciu to hear her. Many say that her screams can still be heard. It is said that, especially misterele din padurea baciu long winter nights, can be heard on adjacent streets groans and cries of those who died on hospital beds.

It is the site of two tragic events: In this orphanage were brought homeless children, even by its owner — Stavrache Hagi-Orman.

List of reportedly haunted locations in Romania - Wikipedia

He kept the kids in unimaginable conditions, without water and without food. After dozens of children died of starvation, the orphanage was closed. Locals reported voices of children crying "Water, we want water!

Here still misterele din padurea baciu a casino. It is said that in the past century, several players committed suicide inside the house after they lost the entire fortunes at roulette.

Reports indicate three ghosts that haunt the house. They shake the furniture, cause air currents and sometimes even appear on the hallways of the building.

Passers also reported misterele din padurea baciu odor of sulfur in the building's yard.


Within weeks, the debris disappeared in its waters, although the pond has a depth of only one misterele din padurea baciu and a half. Locals say that many times when pregnant women didn't want the child went to the pond, bathed and ridded the pregnancy.

Dailymotion Video Player - Misterele padurii Hoia Baciu

Even the animals would be scared of this place: Andrew to practice their magic rituals. On the 18th of Augustmilitary technician Emil Barnea, together with his girlfriend and two other friends, ventured in the woods.

All of a sudden, a strange object appeared in the sky. The odd flying device misterele din padurea baciu to shine and then rapidly accelerated towards misterele din padurea baciu sky.

Emil Barnea managed to capture it on his camera.

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