MGMA executives released that figure to Healthcare Informatics upon the to the average base salary of hospital CIOs of $, in MGMA Medical Directorship Compensation Survey: Report Based on Data Each year, MGMA surveys its members and nonmembers to obtain the. Reference to multiple, objective, independently published salary surveys remains a . Source: MGMA DataDive Provider Compensation


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AAFP, MGMA Collaborate to Halt Misuse of Survey Data

For those reasons alone, it behooves anesthesiology practices to be familiar with the Medscape data. The sample is small.

It is probably not representative. As science, the survey does not pass muster. But since there is so little information of any better quality available, the Medscape compensation surveys are being used, usually in conjunction with other surveys such as those published and sold by the Medical Group Management Association MGMA and American Mgma 2014 salary Group Association.

Physician compensation, work RVU by specialty

Consistency over time may enhance the credibility of the values—or at least their direction. Thus it is plausible that mgma 2014 salary compensation increased by 9. General internists may earn more if they offer mgma 2014 salary a basket of services that is different from that of their family physician colleagues.

The payer mix also is a factor in figuring total compensation. For example, if family physicians include more Medicaid patients in their patient panels, their compensation may be lower even if the services they provide are the same as those provided by their general internist colleagues.

AAFP: family docs report potential misuse of MGMA data

Inurology and radiology also came in above anesthesiology. Overall career satisfaction, as well as satisfaction with income, placed anesthesiologists behind dermatology, pathology and emergency medicine in The MGMA survey shows the Midwest and the Southern regions reporting the greatest average compensation, with the Eastern region coming in lowest, as it did in the Medscape surveys but not in or The proportion of anesthesiologists who planned to participate in HIEs dropped from 27 percent to 19 percent even though the proportion that did not anticipate that HIE participation would bring about any change in their income grew from 31 percent to mgma 2014 salary percent—perhaps a mgma 2014 salary of uncertainty about the future of HIEs and Obamacare altogether.

In contrast, the interest in accountable care organizations ACOs has been growing—as has the interest in accepting cash only and no third party payment arrangements. More anesthesiologists, especially the self-employed approximately one-third mgma 2014 salary respondentshave begun offering ancillary services, typically postoperative pain management.


Medical mgma 2014 salary surveys, in the end, remind us of Rorschach inkblot images—what one person sees in them is often very different from what the image says to another individual. Quality metrics play small role in physician compensation July 11, HealthDay —Quality measures play a small but emerging role in physician compensation, according to a report published by the Medical Group Management Mgma 2014 salary MGMA.

Report reveals payment methods mgma 2014 salary physicians January 30, HealthDay —Many physicians in non-solo practice settings are paid using different methods, with just over half receiving all or most of their compensation from salary, according to a report from the American Medical Association.

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