Mahagama Sekara was a legendary poet of the 20th century in Sri Lanka. He was born on 7th April , in Radawana, Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was the only. Mahagama Sekera was a unique and a versatile artiste, rarely met in post independent Ceylon and Sri Lanka. He was poet, lyricist, novelist. This is "amaradeva mahagama sekara" by chanaka harshadeva on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos.


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Senanayake to produce quality Sinhala light music.

Mahagama Sekara

As a lyric writer Sekera developed the tradition mahagama sekara by lyricists such as Ananda Samarakoon and Sri Chandraratne Manawasinghe and drew upon the language of mahagama sekara folk to shape a modern lyrical diction which would find a resonance in the Sinhala soul.

Although most of his lyrics are steeped in the folk idiom Sekera in his poetry sought to grapple with the problem of forging a modern Sinhala poetic diction.


Mahagama sekara Monica Ruvanpathirana has mahagama sekara out it was Sekera and Wimal Dissanayake in the s who acted as the bridgehead between the poetry of G. Sekera drew not merely on the folk idiom but also contemporary urban usage to forge an evocative poetic diction which would be able to articulate contemporary urban experiences.

In this largely neglected and under-rated poem Sekera offers through the three eponymous characters a slice of contemporary life. Muhandiram Rajatilleke stands for the old order which has inevitably to pass into oblivion.

Mahagama sekara and over-powering in his ways he stands for the oppressive feudal order in a Siyane Korale Village. There is a hint that Lionel is his illegitimate son but Lionel stands for much of the values which the poet himself upholds.

Mahagama Sekara -මහගම සේකර | අපේ කට්ටිය

You are our Knowledge and you are our Truth. You are our strength and our faith. What does this mean?

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It means, Mother Lanka is complete with everything. It also means we have nothing.

So, what does the writer wants Mother Lanka to do? He wants Mother Lanka to give us mahagama sekara life and keep us enlightened always.

Amaradeva mahagama sekara on Vimeo

We have no life, no energy, or we are lifeless. That may be why he wants Mahagama sekara Lanka to give us new life. Why is he asking us to be always enlightened? Are we otherwise dumb?


Why say give us wisdom and strength? Is it we lack wisdom and strength?

Mahagama Sekara | Revolvy

The writer pleads with Mother Lanka to remedy our shortcomings, make us complete and to lead us to the land of victory. He got a thorough grounding in the forms and techniques of formal art at the Government Mahagama sekara of Fine Arts of which he later became the Principal.

Thus at a young age he was exposed to new ways of looking at the world and perceiving reality which combined with the folk culture of his inheritance in a typical village milieu gave its particular strength to his world view.

He is considered as one of the most mahagama sekara figures in the Sinhalese poetry.


Initially, he entered the Government school in Radawana in

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