Click here to see how to create your own. Page 2. Konstanta pegas. Konstanta pegas: besaran yang menunjukan berapa besar gaya yang harus di berikan. Pegas. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Pegas is the name of a bicycle produced in Romania since when the first Ujian praktek konstanta pegas. html. PRAKTIKUM FISIKA KONSTANTA PEGAS. Tujuan:menentukan konstanta pegas.


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Poulos and Davis,mathematical formulation can be used to calculate the elastic settlement konstanta pegas the foundation soils. In a pile raft foundation, to answer the question on the magnitude of the spring constant, the geotechnical engineer also has either to calculate the settlement of the pile foundation or derives it from a pile konstanta pegas test result.

Schaum's Outline of Modern Physics - Ronald Gautreau, William Savin - Google Książki

Since the modulus of subgrade reaction spring constant is needed to calculate the settlement of the foundation soils, konstanta pegas should one goes to the trouble in providing the spring constant?

The structural engineers asked the spring constant because they want to feed in the parameter into their computer software. To the author knowledge, as it is not developed to handle geotechnical problems, the structural engineering software used in analyzing raft or pile raft foundation cannot handle geotechnical parameters.

Another limitation of the spring constant model is the assumption that the foundation soil has linear or elastic behavior. In reality, since Wrinkler introduced his theory years have lapsed, and the geotechnical engineering has kept konstanta pegas advancing.

It has been known that soil behavior does not elastic. It is an elastoplastic material with different behavior within each classification, konstanta pegas many soil models have been developed.

Rumus mencari NILAI KONSTANTA PEGAS gimana ?

Over the time, many geotechnical experts had gained better and better understanding on soil behavior and many soil models has been developed. Many of them come with konstanta pegas mathematical konstanta pegas, which needs more advanced computer technology and special finite element software to solve.

Until late s where computer hardware, software and run time cost was still very expensive, the spring constant model was indeed one of a good tool for engineers. However, since mid of s and konstanta pegas as we enter this new millenium, advanced Personal Computer and the relevant geotechnical engineering software has become available and affordable for most firm.

The software, PLAXIS for example, is capable in solving many geotechnical and soil structure interaction problems, such as: It also supports various soil konstanta pegas to simulate the behavior of soil continua.

Menentukan Nilai Konstanta Pegas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

A short discussion of the available models is: This model represents Hooke's law of isotropic linear elasticity. The model involves two elastic stiffness konstanta pegas, namely Young's modulus, E, and Poisson's ratio, n.


The linear elastic model is very limited for the konstanta pegas of soil behavior. It is primarily used for stiff massive structures in the soil.

This well-known model is used as a first approximation of soil behavior in general. The konstanta pegas involves five parameters, namely Young's modulus, E, Poisson's ratio, n, the cohesion, c, the friction angle, j, and the dilatancy angle, y.

Konstanta Pegas dan Interaksi Struktur Tanah

This is an elastoplastic type of hyperbolic model, formulated in the framework of friction hardening plasticity. This second-order model can be used to simulate the behavior of sands, gravel and overconsolidated clays. This is a Cam-Clay type model, which can be used to simulate the behavior of soft soils like normally consolidated clays konstanta pegas peat.

The model performs best in situations of primary compression. This is a second order model formulated in the framework of viscoplasticity. The model can be used to konstanta pegas the time-dependent behavior of konstanta pegas soils.

It is clear that a suitable soil model can be chosen for a specific problem.

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