Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address, Suggest an address Jaringan Islam Liberal or the Liberal Islam Network is a loose forum for discussing. Jaringan Islam Liberal: Background & Activities. Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL) is a loose forum for discussing and disseminating the concept of Islamic liberalism in. Namun yang paling terkenal dan menentang arus pemikiran di Indonesia adalah gerakan pemikiran yang dimotori oleh kelompok Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL).


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Publication of books on liberal Islam, pluralism, and multiculturalism 4.

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Publication of books, short pamphlets, etc. Public Service Announcement campaigns 7.

Jaringan Islam Liberal

Discussion groups on Islam 8. Roadshows to student and campus groups on liberal Islam in Indonesia.

Most of them are middle class, young intellectuals, but there are also politicians and prominent authors. Assyaukanie is the first coordinator of JIL who arranged discussions and maintained offline and online discussions through a mailing list.

Since its first meeting, the participants and those who are interested in joining JIL are jaringan islam liberal.


As an open forum without rigid organization, JIL does not have a membership system. Therefore, there is no data on the number of members.

jaringan islam liberal

Jaringan Islam Liberal - Wikipedia

In the process of the establishment of JIL, support from Goenawan Mohamad, a distinguished author and publisher, was very significant.

He not only provided a meeting place, secretarial support and temporary funding through ISAI, but his involvement also attracted the interest of many young intellectuals from his circle at Jaringan islam liberal weekly magazine and the Korantempo daily newspaper as well as ISAI.

He is also a relatively neutral figure for either modernist or traditionalist Islam in Indonesia. Since its inception, JIL has conducted jaringan islam liberal regular activities concerning public education.

With the assistance from funding agencies such as The Asia Foundation, JIL is able to voice liberal, tolerant aspirations and jaringan islam liberal of Islam in Indonesia.

Activities and programs of JIL include, first, syndication of liberal Islam writers. This is the most important program done by JIL.

Jaringan Islam Liberal

Publication of books on liberal thoughts jaringan islam liberal religion. Publication of booklets or leaflets which contain a short article, interview, or jaringan islam liberal from books on controversial issues in religion. Publication of the JIL website, http: Public service advertisements on television which contain messages for religious toleration and peaceful co-existence among different religious followers and pluralism in Islam.

With cooperation from other institutions, JIL arranges discussions on Islam with distinguished speakers from all over the world.


Road-show doctrinate the idea of liberal Islam which are held on campuses in Indonesia with the cooperation of student organizations.

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