Warhammer 40K Codex Iyanden Eldar Supplement Book | eBay! Plus at the back of the book there is a very insulting ad for the THREE how to paint Iyanden ebooks, followed by a follow us on Facebook link. Iyanden: A Codex: Eldar Supplement is a Codex Supplement to Codex: Eldar for the 6th Edition of Warhammer 40, It gives players new options, missions.


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Admittedly this is an upgrade of what we would have seen from this author before, but the lack of skill required to really implement them in games is very eyebrow raising and they're not the only ones.


Others such as the Celestial Lance emphasizing only upon turning its carrier into a single minded combat monster, not enhancing the army as a whole. There are very few items iyanden codex eldar supplement rules beyond dictating how wraithguard now take up troops choices and the like actually help to bolster the army overall.

Iyanden - A Codex: Eldar Supplement

Not just individual units or specifically give it elements to bolster your characters. Having armies driven purely by extremely buffed HQ units was something 40K was supposed once to be moving away from in some respects, but here it's just in full force.

The few elements which do buff up the army overall are not devoted to specific troops choices but are given entirely over to HQ units. Something which gives any wraith unit within a 12" bubble around the caster both Furious Charge and Battle Focus. These are actually really good ideas and help to cover the army's obvious flaws without breaking anything in a severe way.

There's still some elements of risk involved with using them and it gives the army a degree of mobility to make it more iyanden codex eldar supplement to eldar players.

The problem is that it again devotes nearly everything of importance to who you have taking up your HQ slots not any Elite or Fast Iyanden codex eldar supplement choices.

Even when Ward tries to place more focus upon said units he just ends up turning them into glorified HQ choices with things like the Heroes of Iyanden codex eldar supplement. A rule which allows a player to declare a wraithknight or wraithlord to be a Warlord without having them take up an HQ slot.

That's more or less it as the devoted army rules go.

Two pages of stuff which seems to have either been written by Ward bored out of his skull or determined to iyanden codex eldar supplement the mistakes of the past. Only a handful of elements are actually halfway decent and even then they don't have anything to balance them out and make the Iyanden force ultra-reliant upon which unit choices are leading it.

What do we get beyond this that iyanden codex eldar supplement counts towards games? Pages upon pages devoted to Cities of Death rules, scenarios and stuff trying to get you to buy other Games Workshop books.

Sepulchre of Heroes: Codex Eldar, Iyanden- Codex Eldar Supplement, Wraithknight and flier (PICS)

iyanden codex eldar supplement Older codices did have these but it was usually only one or two per book at most, not the vast majority of its content. They didn't need more than that and even then they barely got used.

That last detail is the real crux of the problem here.


Having been playing 40K since earlyI've seen few games actually make real use of iyanden codex eldar supplement special scenarios. While you will get a few devoted to certain scenarios and ideas for games which serve as a break from the norm, many will just stick with the few listed in the rulebook.

Few if any players will actually feel the need to utilise most of the book if any. At best a store might try to boost it by having a campaign surrounding them but iyanden codex eldar supplement that these are going to be barely used.

Iyanden: A Codex Eldar Supplement: : Books

The problems with scenarios are only made worse when you consider that many scenarios are devoted to the Battle for Iyanden codex eldar supplement during the conflicts with Hive Fleet Kraken, the campaign itself is extremely limited.

Even if you tried to substitute the one army for another, you're repeatedly going to run into the problem of scenario specific rules designed for eldar and tyranids.

Those which are devoted to other factions either feel inconsequential or iyanden codex eldar supplement very well tied into the plot, usually also being very faction specific and isolated. A problem not helped by having only one scenario for fighting tau, one for other craftworld eldar don't ask etc.

When it comes down the the crunch, the Iyanden Codex Supplement is ultimately a huge failure.

Iyanden - A Codex: Eldar Supplement by Matthew Ward

It has very little which is appealing, few proper rules, very HQ specific items and improvements and only a handful of good ideas.

The additional campaign details and ideas are lackluster and very limited, having nothing to make them worth utilising for games. Iyanden codex eldar supplement even a step down from the Codex: Sisters of Battle printed in a White Dwarf then never re-printed or officially released in PDF form, thank you so much Games Workshop and is all around badly written.


Still, this is only part of the book. Because of course the rules are only a part of a codex, with a huge portion always given to the background, history of the army and their place in the universe.

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