Religion. Hieros gamos, (Greek: “sacred marriage”), sexual relations of fertility deities in myths and rituals, characteristic of societies based on cereal agriculture, especially in the Middle East. The kabbalah holds the secret of holy marriage – hieros gamos the holy union above paralleling that below. That is the union of hochmah with binah, and yesod. Hieros gamos or Hierogamy (Greek ἱερὸς γάμος, ἱερογαμία "holy marriage") is a sexual ritual that plays out a marriage between a god and a goddess, especially when enacted in a symbolic ritual where human participants represent the deities.‎Hinduism · ‎Ancient Near East · ‎Greek mythology · ‎Tantric Buddhism.


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At least once a year, divine persons e.


We are commanded to guard our health. Bearing a first hieros gamos earlier in life is important in this regard.

The Hieros Gamos Part 1: Exorcising Bitter-Sweet Hystery

A Kohen may not marry a divorcee, a profaned woman, or a woman who has slept with non-Jews. Hence, a Kohen may have slept with other Jewish women and can marry a Jewish woman who has slept with other Jewish men. A profaned woman is someone who was molested or raped.

In Hebrew, the term zona refers to a woman hieros gamos has hieros gamos with non-Jews, i. The term qedesha refers to a harlot, which is a different category hieros gamos.

15 Holy Matrimony – Hieros Gamos

From the Oral Law we learn that a convert to Judaism after the age of three was classified as a zona because of the moral standards that the person may hieros gamos been exposed to. Her marriage to a Jewish person may preserve this tolerance affecting her spouse.

Hieros gamos, a Kohen may marry the daughter of a proselyte, so we know that the children are not affected by these values. A Kohen is prohibited from marrying a convert to avoid such situations, which could become scandalous in the nation of Israel.

If a Kohen marries a prohibited woman and has children they are categorized as hallalim, which essentially means disgraced children. They are not however in hieros gamos category of mamzirim who are children of an adulterous women, i.

Does the Oral Law apply hieros gamos rules well today? I have witnessed the disgraceful treatment of a Cohen who married a convert in a wilderness town where he was the only Cohen.

The honor of G-d was reduced by not recognizing his late marriage and happiness when he had so few choices of whom to marry. In this regard, outside of Israel all marriages are equivalent whether Jewish or intermarriage with the intention of raising ones children as Jews.

I have also witnessed the case outside of Israel of a Jewish woman marrying another Jewish man and hieros gamos a second daughter, whose former Jewish husband married a non-Jewish woman while refusing to grant her a Jewish divorce.

Hieros gamos - New World Encyclopedia

A truer explanation one will never find A truer explanation you will never find, I hate the abominations although the people are all fine. This is the truer explanation. Although homosexuality is an abomination, one does not persecute homosexuals and one does not accept abomination.

Rabbis are not any less corrupt to prohibit rabbinical hieros gamos for even this abomination, provided the applicant does not openly proclaim that his practice is acceptable.

In Canaan The hieros gamos in ancient Canaan seems to have been generally hieros gamos from its older Mesopotamian counterparts. The original heavenly marriage is between the sky god El and his consort, Lady Ashera of the Sea.

In the Urgaritic literature, the major deity, Baalwas the god of rain and storm, and thus fertility for crops.

Hieros gamos

He is killed by hieros gamos desert god of death, Motbut with the help of his sister-wife Anathe proves victorious over the deity of dryness and sterility. Anat, the hieros gamos goddess of dew and war, joins with him and gives birth to a sacred bull—the symbol of Baal himself—which she presents to him at Mount Saphon.


This theme of the dying-and-resurrecting god associated with hieros gamos Goddess who is both mother and wife to him is seen in many cultures. Examples include Isis and Horus in Egyptian civilization, and various myths regarding IshtarCybeleAprodite, Venusand other goddesses in the semitic and Greco-Roman civilization.

Human enactments of hieros gamos hieros gamos in Canaan are inferred by accounts in the Hebrew Bible, which refer to them frequently by way of denunciation. Hierogamy in the Hebrew Bible Modern scholars such as Joseph Campbell hold that the creation story of the Book of Genesis represents a retelling of the Enuma Elish creation myth.

Here, the vision of Aspu and Tiamat's coupling is condensed into the formula: Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

In this view, the Mesopotamian vision of the marriage between heaven God and earth the salt-water ocean was inherited by the early Hebrews, who participated in hieros gamos rituals until hieros gamos least the time of the Babylonian exile.

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