We offer an exciting range of General English courses for all levels, from beginner to proficiency, and to suit different budgets. We also offer timetables that give. Our General English Course is the most popular option and it will help you improve in all areas of the English Language: grammar, vocabulary, speaking. Course options include: Standard, Standard Plus & Intensive The General English course is our most popular course and is designed for all skill levels.


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Be able to develop your communication skills by working with other students doing activities such as role-plays, general english work and group discussions.

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Explore new techniques to help you improve your listening and reading. Practise and improve your writing general english by analysing and producing documents such as emails, formal and informal letters and reports.

general english Have regular tutorials with your teacher to discuss your progress. They were very welcoming. It was enough for me that the stuff was trying to understand what I was saying, because my English at that time was very poor. Then General english got my acceptance with all dilates needed for the embassy including my host family information.

I really liked the way they organise their business.

Learn English in the US, UK, Canada & ANZ | Embassy English

My first day was completely different than general english one I had in Wales. There were so many activates during the week, such as, watching movies, playing pools, dancing, social activates and even sports.


Stafford general english has an excellent range of very qualified stuff and teachers. They helped me a lot to see my future direction and set up my plans wisely.

Most importantly is that students can share their experiences with each other especially during the international activities. I can say now that I had the chance to enjoy general english not only General english language but also every single thing about English culture and the world.

I spent 10 fruitful months in Stafford House starting with pre-Intermediate level until I reached Advanced level.


Finally, This is only a little of the experience I had in this lovely school. I promise to advise general english singe student who want to study English to general english Stafford House School of English. Your online portal with everything you need for a successful experience including progress tracking, learning resources and your personalised learning plan.

At the end of the course, you will receive an Embassy Certificate documenting your language level. Build your confidence in everyday situations as well as in public speaking general english presenting.

Make your English speaking easier to understand with focused speaking and listening activities.

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