ARTIGO DE REVISÃO. Dislipidemia relacionada à fibrose cística. Crésio de Aragão Dantas AlvesI; Daniela Seabra LimaII. ICoordenador da Residência Médica. O presente estudo examinou os desafios psicológicos de adolescentes com fibrose cística (FC) no Brasil, por meio de uma entrevista semiestruturada com. Fibrose cística: avaliação das alterações pulmonares e do sono. Disrupted sleep and nocturnal hypoxia are common in cystic fibrosis (CF). However, the.


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The same authors believe fibrose cistica based just on tomography there is probably an overestimation fibrose cistica diagnosis of sinonasal disease. Kobayashi and colleagues compared the Lund-Mackay scores of tomography with various clinical aspects from patients in a referral center in the south of Brazil Rio Grande do Sul and found no statistical correlation [ 45 ].

Cystic Fibrosis: Brazilian ENT Experience

They discussed that this score was not developed to analyze these disease, but anyway show at the same time the need for a specific tomography graduation system for CF patients and that image alterations in these patients should be really carefully evaluated as symptomatic and asymptomatic patients fibrose cistica similar results.

No statistically significant differences were found between findings fibrose cistica tomography and different genotypes or patient status of health.

In this study, there was an association between the fibrose cistica of medial bulging of the lateral nasal wall identified using endoscopy and using CT, with fibrose cistica A condition described by Coste and colleagues [ 39 ], pseudomucocele is made evident on CT scans specifically in patients with CF.

Published reports show controversy concerning terminology for this pathological entity of the sinuses, more studied since routine tomographic examinations became part of the evaluation of patients with CF.

Description: Fibrose cística : avaliação das alterações pulmonares e do sono

It is not a true epithelially walled cystic lesion but rather secretion surrounded by inflammatory tissue which follows the shape of the walls of the sinuses, with a tendency to expand [ 39 ]. Portes and colleagues [ 46 ] Sao Paulo reported a case of a child two years and one month old fibrose cistica chronic nasal obstruction since birth; CT showed opacification of the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses bilaterally and the formation fibrose cistica a cystic appearance with a halo of peripheral enhancement around the maxillary sinuses.

These cystic formations, pseudomucoceles, led to protrusion of the lateral nasal wall and narrowing of the nasal cavity.

  • Cystic fibrosis - Wikipedia
  • Cystic Fibrosis: Brazilian ENT Experience

Pseudomucocele, therefore, may be considered a frequent manifestation found in studies of series of nasal fibrose cistica in CF patients.

Diagnosis of mucoceles is commonly established using computed tomography CT of fibrose cistica sinuses, which shows osseous erosion of the walls of paranasal sinuses, with smooth outward displacement.

Upon magnetic resonance MRImucoceles will show variable signal intensities in both T1-and T2-weighted images. In pediatric patients with CF and suspected mucocele, MRI is essential to help eliminate other entities such as meningocele, rhabdomyosarcoma, hemangioma, and neuroblastoma [ 48 ].

Microbiology Only two Brazilian studies fibrose cistica CF patients evaluated upper airways from a microbiological point of fibrose cistica.


The Junh-Tym-Tap aspiration system and fibrose cistica rigid endoscope were used to collect material. There was a total of 42 aspirations. Out of 42 aspirations, Out of 11 positive aspirations two showed Pseudomonas aeruginosa both from the same patient fibrose cistica, three showed Staphylococos aureus, two Haemophylus influenzae, two Streptococcus penumoniae, and two Acinetobacter lwoffi.

Samples of sputum from all patients presented bacterial growth, No association was observed between the results of sputum cultures and results for aspirate from the middle meatus [ 24 ]. Sakano and coworkers [ 20 ], from Campinas Sao Paulo Statecollected samples using a swab of the oropharynx, secretions gathered by maxillary antrostomy, and secretions gathered using endotracheal tubes, representing tracheal secretions from 50 CF patients.

The distribution of results of cultures from different sites maxillary sinus, trachea, and oropharynx was as seen fibrose cistica Table 1. Fibrose cistica incidence of colonization by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and S. Simultaneous findings of P.

Cystic fibrosis

It encodes an mRNA of 6. The CFTR protein is essential for ionic transport through cellular membranes, being involved in regulating the flow of Cl, Na, and water [ 15 — 17 ]. One of the most important aspects of the current approach to CF is the great fibrose cistica of the disease regarding its presentation, clinical course, and prognosis.

Since the gene for CF was discovered, many hundreds of mutations have fibrose cistica been identified.

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