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Instead, he wanted to hear about Hailsham. About our guardians, about how we each had our own collection chests under our beds, the football, the rounders, the little path that took you all round the outside of the main house, round all ebook let us come nooks and crannies, the duck pond, the food, the view from the Art Room over the fields on a foggy morning.


What he wanted was not just to hear about Hailsham, but to remember Hailsham, just like it had been his own childhood. Driving around the country now, I still see things that will ebook let us come me of Hailsham. This actually is Hailsham!

In particular, there are those pavilions.


I spot them all over the country, standing on the far side ebook let us come playing fields, little white prefab buildings with a row of windows unnaturally high up, tucked almost under the eaves. I think they built a whole lot like that in the fifties and sixties, which is probably when ours was put up.

Never Let Me Go (ebook) by Kazuo Ishiguro |

Not long ago Ebook let us come was driving through an empty stretch of Worcestershire and saw one beside a cricket ground so like ours at Hailsham I actually turned the car and went back for a second look.

We loved our sports pavilion, maybe because it reminded us of those sweet little cottages people always had in picture books when we were young. I can remember us back in the Juniors, pleading with guardians to hold the next lesson in the pavilion instead of the usual room. Then by the time we were in Senior 2—when we were twelve, going on thirteen—the pavilion had become the place to hide out with your best friends when you wanted ebook let us come get away from the rest of Hailsham.

The pavilion was big enough to take two separate groups without them bothering each other—in the summer, a third group could hang about out on the veranda. But ideally you and your friends wanted the place just to yourselves, so there was often jockeying and arguing.


The guardians were always telling us to be civilised about it, but in practice, you needed to have some strong personalities in your group to stand a chance of getting the pavilion during a break or free period. There was a kind of conversation that ebook let us come only happen when you were hidden away in the pavilion; we might discuss something that was worrying us, or we might end up screaming with laughter, or in a furious row.

Never Let Me Go

Mostly, it was a way to unwind for a while with your closest friends. That gave us a clear view of the North Playing Field where about a dozen boys from our year and Senior 3 had gathered to play football.

There was bright sunshine, but it must have been raining earlier that day because I can remember how the sun was glinting on the muddy surface of the grass.

ebook let us come

But the next second Ruth gave a little laugh and said: Maybe even then, when I saw Tommy rushing about that field, undisguised delight on his face to be accepted back in the fold again, about to play the game at which he so excelled, maybe I did feel a little stab of pain.

His favourite polo shirt. I said, louder this time: Then the boys had stopped kicking the ball about, and were standing in ebook let us come pack in the mud, their chests gently rising and falling as ebook let us come waited for the team picking to start.

The two captains who emerged were from Senior ebook let us come, though everyone knew Tommy was a better player than any of that year. Just look at him! Some were talking quietly to each other, some re-tying their laces, others just staring down at their feet as they trammelled the mud. But Tommy was looking eagerly at the Senior 3 boy, as though his name had already been called.

Then ebook let us come Tommy was left standing alone, and the boys all began sniggering, I heard Ruth say: Tommy burst into thunderous bellowing, and the boys, now laughing openly, started to run off towards the South Playing Field.

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