Minimize mess and trim time in the kitchen with a few clever shortcuts. REAL SIMPLE gives creative, practical. A Collection of Malayalam Recipes from South India. FEATURES: ▻ Offline reading: Download and cache recipe and image locally for easy offline reading. various uses of lemon in kitchen.


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Do you think the online social networking and the blogosphere have made the art of cooking fashionable again, especially among the relatively younger generation?


Cooking has definitely become much more trendier and fashionable over the years. I love fusion cooking, so Indo-Chinese cuisine excites me a lot. In Indo-Chinese cooking, both Indian and Asian flavors are incorporated.


Among the various styles of cooking cooking tips in malayalam as Italian, Mediterranean, Indian etc. As in Indian cooking, we are still bound to make some of the dishes in the traditional way, which needs practice and patience to make it in the right way.

From a healthy eating perspective what dish do you recommend to keralites as staple food? That can be had on a daily basis without compromising health.

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Concentrating on one staple food and having it on a daily basis is not a good idea. We need to move out of the staple food concept and focus more on a balanced diet.

I believe Kerala food is one of the healthiest, as we include a lot of seafood, vegetables, lentils and yogurt in our diet. Only problem is the way too much consumption of white rice and rice products.

Keralites, start their day by having rice products and majority of them wind up the day by eating cooking tips in malayalam too. Cooking tips in malayalam is a big controversy about Coconut oil being not so healthy versus Olive oil the choice of healthy eating.

What is your opinion and how do both affect the taste of a dish.

I Am Featured On Healthwatch Malayalam | Cooking With Thas

This topic is highly debatable. Recently, I read an article, which said that coconut oil is much healthier than olive oil while some researches say olive oil is healthier. Well, in order cooking tips in malayalam benefit out of them, I try to include both olive oil and coconut oil in my cooking.

As far as Kerala cooking is concerned, coconut oil has been an unavoidable ingredient and the reason is that it enhances the aroma and the flavor of the dish greatly. While, for making non-Indian dishes I go with extra virgin olive oil.

What are good alternatives to cooking tips in malayalam or other methods to use less oil?

Can you cooking tips in malayalam a quick and easy recipe that would capture the hearts of adults and kids alike? Cheese and Egg Crepesa perfect breakfast or evening snack for both adults and kids that can be made in less than 15 minutes: What is your one absolute sin food?

Malayalam cookery show snacks

Being an upcoming food blogger who has received several recognitions, would you consider culinary art as a profession? In the near future I have plans to publish a cookbook and down the road I might open up a restaurant.

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They are being just silly. Once they enter into the world of cooking I am sure they will change their opinion.

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