Results 1 - 24 of - The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau: Novel Study with Questions, Projects, and Activities This huge page The City of Ember Novel. Pre-Reading Activities. 1. The title of the novel is The City of Ember. An ember is a piece of coal, wood, or other material that is still glowing in the ashes of a fire. In the underground city of Ember, young Lina and Doon struggle with clues in It takes the courage and leadership of the novel's young characters to unify the . Social Studies & Geography–When the citizens of Ember escape their dark.


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As the strain of adding new members to its community begins to take city of ember novel study toll, the people of Sparks resort to survival instincts in an effort to conserve resources. Conflicts emerge as leaders bicker and friendships begin to wane. DuPrau knew she wanted to be a writer at a young age and has tried related careers in teaching, technical writing, and editing.

The City of Ember Teacher’s Guide

She has written three novels, six books of nonfiction, and with essays and stories. She lives in California where she loves to garden. Check out the Author Spotlight http: Ask students how they feel about being assigned to a profession.

What is the role of a community? Is the community responsible for taking care of every citizen? Ask students to share their writing responses and discuss how they would react if they were asked to give up vital resources for strangers being city of ember novel study to their community.

Thematic Connections Questions for Group Discussion Family—The main characters of both novels have nontraditional family structures.


Discuss with students how the main characters acclimate to their unconventional families in the towns of Ember and Sparks. How do their family relationships change from one book to the next? How does the absence of a mother affect both Doon and Lina?

Both Doon and Lina are very responsible young people. How are their responsible dispositions related to their family roles? Lina and Doon recognize positive and city of ember novel study qualities in their friendships, a key aspect of accepting someone as your friend.

Ask students to keep a log of how Lina and Doon perceive their friendships and how their friendships wax and wane throughout both books.

What personality traits do they admire in one another and in Tick? What qualities do they find troublesome in each other and in Tick? As an extension activity, ask students to write a paragraph describing what they admire about city of ember novel study best friends. The Effects of War—Both novels are set in a post apocalyptic world.

Ember is a last city of ember novel study for the human race and Sparks is a post-disaster society starting over. Ask students to identify the lasting effects of war on both societies. Ask students to imagine a world where technology and abundant resources no longer exist.

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau - Teacher's Guide -

How would their lives be altered? Greed—How does greed escalate to conflict? Ask students to trace incidents of greed by both townspeople and politicians as the characters progress from one novel to the next. Create a timeline that illustrates how townspeople allowed fear and greed to lead them into battle.

  • The City of Ember Novel Study Unit with Questions and Activities

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