German Bishops' Conference and Ghanaian Bishops' Conference have provided for the revision of the CIC and the promulgation of the code. Das waren großenteils deutsche Flüchtlinge, im allgemeinen jüdischer Herkunft 26 An die Leistungen des CIC im Laufe des Krieges wird nur in einer einzigen Warriors: OSS and the Origins of the C.I.A. New York: Basic Books , Code of Canon Law of the Roman Catholic g: deutsche ‎| ‎Must include: ‎deutsche.


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The issuance of various papal and conciliar exhortations before and after Vatican II, as well as the normative instructions and legal provisions contained in various juridic documents, most prominently cc. Legislative power must be exercised in the manner prescribed by law; that which a legislator below the supreme authority possesses in the Church cannot be validly delegated unless the law explicitly provides otherwise.

A lower legislator cannot validly issue a law contrary to higher law. Judicial power, which judges or judicial colleges possess, must be exercised in the manner prescribed by law and cannot be delegated except to perform acts preparatory to some decree or sentence.

In what pertains to the exercise of executive power, the prescripts of the cic 1983 deutsche canons are to be observed. Ordinary executive power can be delegated both for a single act and for all cases unless the law expressly provides otherwise.

Executive power delegated by the Apostolic See can be subdelegated for a single act or for all cases unless the delegate was chosen for personal qualifications or subdelegation was expressly forbidden. Executive power delegated by another authority who has ordinary power can be subdelegated only for individual cases cic 1983 deutsche it was delegated for all cases.

If it was delegated for a single act or for determined acts, however, it cannot cic 1983 deutsche subdelegated except by express grant of the one delegating. No subdelegated cic 1983 deutsche can be subdelegated again unless the one delegating has expressly granted this.

Nevertheless, one who has delegated power is understood to have been granted also those things without which the delegate cannot exercise this power.

Code of Canon Law - Wikipedia

Unless the law cic 1983 deutsche otherwise, the fact that a person approaches some competent authority, even a higher one, does not suspend the cic 1983 deutsche power, whether ordinary or delegated, of another competent authority.

Nevertheless, a lower authority is not to become involved in cases submitted to a higher authority except for a grave and urgent cause; in this case, the lower authority is immediately to notify the higher concerning the matter.


When several persons have been delegated in solidum to transact the same affair, the one who first begins to deal with it excludes the others from doing so unless that person subsequently was impeded or did not wish to proceed further in carrying it out.

When several persons have been delegated collegially to transact an affair, all must proceed according to the norm of can. Executive power delegated to several persons is presumed to be delegated to them in solidum. It does not cease, however, when the authority of the one delegating expires unless this appears in attached clauses.

Nevertheless, an act of delegated power which is exercised for the internal forum alone and is placed cic 1983 deutsche after the lapse of the time limit of the grant is cic 1983 deutsche.

Ordinary power ceases by loss of the office to which it is connected. Unless the law provides otherwise, ordinary power is suspended if, legitimately, an appeal is made or a recourse is lodged against privation of or removal from office.

In factual or legal common error and in positive and probable doubt of law or of fact, the Church supplies executive power of governance for both the external and internal forum.

The same norm is applied to the faculties cic 1983 deutsche in cann.

Egyházi Törvénykönyv

An ecclesiastical office is any cic 1983 deutsche constituted in a stable manner by cic 1983 deutsche or ecclesiastical ordinance to be exercised for a spiritual purpose.

The obligations and rights proper to individual ecclesiastical offices are defined either in the law by which the office is constituted or in the decree of the competent authority by which the office is at the same time constituted and conferred.

Provision of Ecclesiastical Office Can.

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cic 1983 deutsche To be promoted to an ecclesiastical office, a person must be in the communion of the Church as well as suitable, that is, endowed with those qualities which are required for that office by universal or particular law or by the law of the foundation. Provision of an ecclesiastical office made to one who cic 1983 deutsche the requisite qualities is invalid only if the qualities are expressly required for the validity of the provision by universal or particular law or by the law of the foundation.

Code of Canon Law

Otherwise it is valid but can be rescinded by decree of competent authority or by sentence of an administrative tribunal. Provision of an office made as a result of simony is invalid by the law itself.

The provision of an office which by law is cic 1983 deutsche vacant is by that fact invalid and is not validated by subsequent vacancy.

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