Stich im Buch "Cherubinischer Wandersmann" von Angelus Silesius. Date, Source, Reclam Nr. Author, siehe Bild. Permission. Title page of "Der Cherubinische Wandersmann" by Angelus Silesius Johannis Angeli Sileſij. Cherubiniſcher Wandersmann oder Geiſt=Reiche. Eine kleine Auswahl aus dem "Cherubinischen Wandersmann.".


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Contents The life and times of Johannes Scheffler The Cherubinischer Cherubinischer wandersmann in the literature of Germany Thematic and formal aspects of the Wandersmann Mystical traditions Basic structure of the mystical experience.

Santa Teresa de Avila and the question of imagery. Christian mysticism and Meister Eckhart. cherubinischer wandersmann


Mysticism of the classics. Contemporary mysticism A new translation and interpretation of selected epigrams of the Wandersmann.

Why a new translation. Baptized Johann Scheffler, he was the first of three cherubinischer wandersmann. His parents, who married in Februarywere Lutheran Protestants.

Inhe was The child's mother, Maria Hennemann cherubinischer wandersmann. His earliest poems were written and published during these formative years. From tohe attended Leiden University.

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The Dutch Republic provided refuge to many religious sects, mystics, and scholars who were persecuted elsewhere in Europe. A year later, he received a doctoral degree cherubinischer wandersmann philosophy and medicine and returned to his homeland.

Although he was "recommended to the Duke on account of his good qualities and his experience in medicine," [2] it is likely that Scheffler's friend and mentor, Abraham von Franckenberg, had arranged the appointment given his closeness to cherubinischer wandersmann Duke.

Franckenberg was the son of a minor noble from the village cherubinischer wandersmann Ludwigsdorf near Oels within the duchy. The Duke was characterized in history as being "a zealous Lutheran and very bigoted.

After Franckenberg's death in JuneScheffler resigned his position—he may cherubinischer wandersmann been forced to resign—and sought refuge under the protection of the Roman Catholic Church.


At this time, the Habsburg rulers who were Catholic were pushing for a Counter Cherubinischer wandersmann and advocated a re-Catholicisation of Europe. In some countries this may not be legally possible; if cherubinischer wandersmann I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

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