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Also of interest is the burial chapel of the Thurn und Taxis family, partly the work of Luc Fayd'herbe. Kept in the sacrarium is a figure of the Virgin, a copy, so legend has it, of a Madonna brought to the chapel in by a woman brussels tourist map Antwerp, Baet Soetens, to whom the Virgin had appeared.

The Parc du Cinquantenaire was established in to commemorate the country's 50th anniversary.

Its centerpiece is the monumental Palais du Cinquantenaire, the two wings of which, brussels tourist map in by a massive triumphal arch designed by the French architect Charles Girault, house two of Brussels' most interesting museums.

The Royal Art and History Museum is home to one of the most extensive tapestry collections in the world, and the Belgian Army Museum and Museum of Military History Koninklijk Museum brussels tourist map het Leger en van de Militaire Geschiedenis provides an overview of the development of military technology and of the major campaigns fought on Belgian soil.

Copy and Paste the code below: There are delightful footpaths and a number of attractions worth seeing, such as the monument to Leopold I at the center of the circular flowerbed in front of the brussels tourist map.

The Japanese Tower, in the northernmost corner of the park, was originally built for the Paris Exhibition of The hothouses, erected in Leopold II's time, are the highlight of the gardens and are open to the public during April and May when many of the plants are in flower.

The building was only completed in Not surprisingly, it displays something of a mixture of styles, impressing nevertheless by its sheer size meters by meters. Inside is an excellent collection of art and an ongoing exhibition on the history of the basilica.

brussels tourist map


The picture of Christ giving his blessing, which hangs above the altar, is by Georges Minne. From the cupola is a breathtaking view of the city and across the countryside to Brussels tourist map. Binoculars can be rented on-site.


InCistercian nuns founded an brussels tourist map here, which was later destroyed in the 16th century but then rebuilt. Now, set in lovely French gardens, the abbey houses the National Geographical Institute and an art college.

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Brussels

The former 14th-century abbey church is a slender, elegant building with Baroque vaulting. Boniface, a 13th-century Bishop of Brussels.

The windows of the cloister are decorated with the arms of more than 40 abbesses and nuns. This wide square in the heart of the Old Town is popular for its great shopping, dining, and well-preserved architecture and is a great place from which to explore attractions such as the Mannekin Pis fountain and Saint-Michel Cathedral.

The following hotels are close to Grand Place and come highly recommended: Other centrally located luxury options include the MAS Brussels tourist map with its large, brightly-painted, high-ceilinged rooms each with brussels tourist map kitchen facilities and trendy, ultra-modern The Hotel - Brusselspopular for its panoramic views and posh lounges.

Brochures | Visit Brussels

Popular for those wanting a more intimate taste of Brussels, the plus-year-old Made in Louise offers cozy rooms, a games room, brussels tourist map a comfortable lounge area to mix and mingle. Also close to the city center, Motel One offers modern, well-appointed rooms. Perfect for younger travelers, the trendy Aloft Brussels Schuman Hotel offers fun activities in its lounge area, including board games and foosball, along with spacious, modern rooms.

The museum houses more than 1, musical instruments, ranging from ancient to brussels tourist map. Considered one of the top musical instrument museums in the world, the museum also houses a concert hall in its uniquely designed Art Noveau and Neoclassical building.

Brussels tourist map feature keyboards, types of music from medieval to the 19th century, and mechanical and electronic instruments.

The most popular gallery features traditional musical instruments from around the world.

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The main section is known as the Galerie de la Reine, with its chocolatiers, boutiques and a wide assortment of restaurants. The shopping arcade attracts six million people a year.

Brussels tourist attractions map

Once a densely populated neighborhood, the buildings were torn down; the land lay vacant for many brussels tourist map. Then a garden was put in but it, too, was torn down to make way for buildings, which include the Royal Library and Congress Palace. A new garden shares space with the buildings today.

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