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The Xandi is ruled by an immortal, King Malik Ahmose.

Breeding ground

The Takuri await the return of their Queen, Alexandria the Great, who according to prophesy, will defeat their enemy. Alex, in particular, must face Malik, a dangerous man, a shape shifter with eternal life.

The Xandi capture women in order to breed breeding ground jaid black for children, but Malik wants Alex for himself. When he does capture her, Alex discovers passion with the alpha male.

Breeding Ground

If there was a ceiling on what they could possibly have imagined for worst case breeding ground jaid black, actual events on Earth would have broken that ceiling. In years, the human race had, apparently, grown both stupider and smarter at the same time.


The forward jump of technology in all branches of science was phenomenal, but so were all the ways in which human beings could commit atrocities on each other. Biological poisons were used, and mutants were produced.

Breeding Ground Book Summary and Study Guide

Angry, strong, mutants that became humanity's worst enemy. An even bigger war ensued, until finally, nuclear weapons were used and the Earth was decimated. By this time, Alex and her crew, Vlad, Peacock, and John, weren't looking forward to landing at all. As they were nearing Earth, they got caught up in some kind of time dimensional rift that pushed their breeding ground jaid black one million years into the future.

Breeding Ground - Jaid Black - Google книги

There, they crash landed into an Earth that might as well have been an alien planet. While trying to get their bearings, they were attacked by xanthor, a dangerous reptilian animal with a hell of a lot of teeth. In their flight from breeding ground jaid black animal, Alex somehow managed to get swallowed by it.

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In order to escape, she used her laser pistol and sliced her way out of the animal's belly, right into the path of a group of humans, an Amazonian woman, and her males. Breeding ground jaid black this point, the story introduces you to the pervading theme which is, males versus females.

There are to races in this world, Takuri breeding ground jaid black Xandi. The Takuri are led by women, the Xandi by men, and both are continuously at war with each other and have been for 20, years.

Breeding Ground by Jaid Black | LibraryThing

Both are ancestrally of human descent, but the Xandi race has evolved so much breeding ground jaid black they now have two forms. One is their demon form, where they appear reptilian and have bat wings.

The other is their human form where they look like tall vampires with golden cat eyes. Enmity prevails between these two races because the Xandi need Takuri women in order to bear offspring, and so, they kidnap them.


The place Alex has in this book is the one as the messiah of the Takuri. She is the one foretold to lead a war against the Xandi and defeat them. Her identity was proved when she put her hands on an ancient DNA analyzer cued to her DNA that had survived as a relic, together with a car fender, a laser pistol, a futuristic toaster, and a 30 foot statue of Alex.

Her polar opposite is Malik, the immortal king of the Xandi, and of course, her romantic breeding ground jaid black partner.

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