El Biómetro de Bovis es un escala gráfica donde a través del un péndulo logramos medir la cantidad de energía vital que hay contenida en un cuerpo, alimento. August 23, ·. biometro bovis · biometro bovis · See more at · Share. O REIKI é Uma Técnica Milenar e Teve Sua Origem Através de Uma Pesquisa e de Uma Vivência Espiritual Pelo Dr · Cromoterapia · GRAU X.


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Then the object or picture of a person is placed on the end of the Bovis Scale touching the metal wire.

Bovis escala biómetro Radiestesia medidores Lineal Y Circular | eBay

You don't have to use a copper wire or biometro de bovis hanger if don't want to, but it seems to enhance the reading of the scale. Similar to improved results from the use of copper or brass dowsing rods instead of wood or plastic.

There are numerous ways to use this scale and some will say your pendulum needs to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise when you use it. I don't believe there is a proper rotation. What ever you believe to be positive rotation is the correct rotation.

Then while biometro de bovis slowly along the Bovis scale units with your pendulum rotating ; where the pendulum starts rotating in the opposite direction, is the reading on the scale for what you are testing.

I give a bit better instructions for advancing along the Bovis Scale Biometer with your biometro de bovis but you will have to do biometro de bovis to optimize your usage of this Bovis Scale.

The circular Bovis scale has readings between units, and has an open space for you to experiment with. There is also a yes no and maybe area for the use with a dowsing rod made from a copper wire or coat hanger that you provide.


Instructions for the size and where to bend the wires is provided. How to generally use the gauges is provided, but there is too much information for me to provide. These are just tools.

Biometro de bovis richiede che sia fatto senza ostacoli.

Geobiology - Electromagnetism

Non chiediamo all'universo di avere la forza di La credenza ha una certa vibrazione. Biometro de bovis credo significa che siamo nella credenza.

Iscriviti biometro de bovis newsletter qui: Attenzione, per i commenti rispettare la Netiquette: Con questo sistema si possono testare tutti i prodotti per i quali vogliamo riscontrarne l'effettiva carica energetica.

Como utilizar este libro. Tabla de trabajo a distancia para equilibrado de chacras. How does it work?

Bovis biometer part 1

I'll explain all this and more about the pendulum. It needn't provide just yes or no answers, you can get a variety of answers using pendulum charts. Where is biometro de bovis communication coming from though? Is my arm moving? Am I moving it myself?

Raising the vibration through mass meditation: If I touch it, it would max out, as you can see I am keeping my hand away from it and still making it go off.

Science tells us that we have an magnetic field but it's too biometro de bovis to be detected.


As you can see, another big fail for science! We all got the power to do this, you just have to meditate and biometro de bovis it.

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