Java The ArrayList Class - Learn Java in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Java Syntax Object Oriented. Java ArrayList Tutorial with Examples. An ArrayList is a re-sizable array, also called a dynamic array. ArrayList internally uses an array to store the elements. Java ArrayList allows duplicate and null values. Java ArrayList is an ordered collection. You cannot create an ArrayList of primitive types like int, char. Arraylist class implements List interface and it is based on an Array data structure. It is widely used because of the functionality and flexibility it.‎How to initialize an ArrayList · ‎Java ArrayList of Object Sort · ‎Synchronize ArrayList.


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We will see the use of Iterator in next section. Sometimes we need to check whether an element exists in ArrayList in Java or not for this purpose we can use contains method of Java. Alternatively, you can also use Arraylist example java. To see which approach is better, see this article.

You can also use size method of List to check if List is empty or not. If returned size is zero then ArrayList is empty. You can either remove an element based on its index or by providing object itself. Remove remove int index and remove Object o method is used to remove any element from ArrayList in Java.

In below code the first call will remove the first element from ArrayList while the second call will remove the first occurrence of item from ArrayList in Java.

Below code will add all elements of stringList to newly created arraylist example java. ArrayList in Java provides a clear method which removes all of the elements from this list.

Below code will remote all elements from our stringList and make the list empty. You can reuse Java ArrayList after clearing it.

List of all java ArrayList sample examples - Java ArrayList Programs

You can use toArray T[] a method returns an array containing all of the elements in this list in proper sequence from first to the last element. Some times you need to synchronize your ArrayList in java to make it shareable between multiple threads you can use Collections utility class for this purpose as shown below.

You can also see this tutorial to understand more about How arraylist example java synchronize ArrayList in Java? How to create ArrayList from Array in Java? ArrayList in Java is amazing you can create even an ArrayList full of your element from an already existing array.

You need to use Arrays. ListIterator will allow you to traverse in both directions while both Iterator and ListIterator arraylist example java allow you to remove elements from ArrayList in Java while traversing. How to sort ArrayList in Java?


You can use Collections. Which can be used to copy all elements of one Collection into another? HashSet also provides such constructors which can be used to copy all object from ArrayList to HashSet. Tips about ArrayList in Java ArrayList is not a synchronized collection hence it is not suitable to be used between multiple threads concurrently.

Arraylist example java you want to use ArrayList like data-structure in multi-threaded environment, then you need to either use new CopyonWriteArrayList or use Collections. Former is part of concurrent collection package and much more scalable than the second one, but only useful when there are arraylist example java readers and only few writes.

How to use Java ArrayList: Tutorial with Example

CopyOnWriteArrayList is recommended for the concurrent multi-threading environment as it is optimized for multiple concurrent reads and creates copy for the write operation. This was added in Tiger, aka JDK 1.

When ArrayList gets full it creates another array and uses Arraylist example java.

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This is where insertion takes a lot of time. ConcurrentModificationException is not guaranteed and it only thrown at best arraylist example java. An application can increase the capacity of an ArrayList instance before adding a large number of elements using the ensureCapacity operation.

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