PRODUTOS DA MINHA LOJA ▷Camera 4K 16MP WiFi Action Sports. Agora você pode aprender Wing chun On - line com o sifu vlad mario recebendo vídeos passo a passo. Wing Chun for Beginners: S1 • E1 Wing chun for beginners lesson 1 – basic leg exercise - Duration:


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Siempre me fascinaron tanto Bruce Lee como las artes marciales chinas, desde una edad muy temprana. Eso fue de Esos son aprender wing chun muy raros en el mundo del WT.

Entrevista a Sifu Alex Richter de City Wing Tsun - Wing Tsun Madrid-TAOWS Academy

Fue una experiencia de aprendizaje necesaria para mi. Estoy agradecido por lo que me dio. Era el momento de avanzar. Respeto mucho al Grandmaster Leung Ting a lot, pero debe pensar cuidadosamente acerca de la gente que pone aprender wing chun cargo.

Translation of "Yip Chun" in English

Tenemos un ambiente muy relajado y familiar en la escuela. Para que el WT sobreviva y crezca debe desaparecer la mentalidad del club de chicos.

Tenemos nuestra central en Midtown Manhattan. Soy un fan enorme de las artes marciales y entreno con gente de todos los estilos de manera aprender wing chun.


No tengo problema en que ellos entrenen otras artes. Sparring es una parte muy importante e intregral del aprender wing chun en CWT. WT siempre ha sido progresivo, incluso si alguno de sus representantes no lo eran. Es precioso y efectivo. Could you tell us something of your martial arts background before you started WT and aprender wing chun you chose this art?

I always had a fascination with Bruce Lee and with Chinese martial arts since an early age. Unfortunately there was no Chinese kung fu in the town I grew up in New Jersey. So I started my formal training with Taekwondo at age aprender wing chun. My instructor at that time was one of the first students of the Gracies on the east coast.


He introduced us to Gracie Jiu Jitsu at that time around I think and I found it very interesting but I preferred kicking and punching. Eventually I earned my black belt aprender wing chun my family relocated to the Seattle area.

After a trip to Germany with my family in I started to read a lot about WT and the success they had in Europe. I was so obsessed I packed up and moved to Germany to aprender wing chun full-time at Langenzell. That was from — I came back to NYC as a first level technician. Since I opened my school in I have had the chance to learn directly from Grandmaster Leung Ting both in private training and seminar instruction here in the States and aprender wing chun Hong Kong.

Wing Chun Training in China

This allowed me to assimilate the aprender wing chun very quickly. It was the right decision for me and aprender wing chun students to move forward both business wise and more importantly, for our kung fu. The students are extremely happy with the updates and improvements to the curriculum -Who has been your main influence in WT?

You can say I learned the standard program and concepts from Grandmaster Leung Ting, aprender wing chun wooden dummy and long pole. But Sifu Lau taught me the training methods in which to make those programs come aprender wing chun and become actual reflex actions.

To be honest, he changed my whole paradigm of WT and for that I am eternally grateful. Sifu Lau is also an absolute gem of a human being — sincere, thoughtful and caring.

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