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In this book I am appealing to the law of love.


He was also president of the seminary from to However, his apologetic method remained essentially unchanged. On the one hand, he strongly emphasized the fundamental undeniability of deductive logic.

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On the other hand, Carnell rejected the idea that the theistic worldview could be deductively proved. Carnell and Evidentialism Carnell is much more sympathetic to the evidentialist approach. This is especially evident in the first part of An Introduction to Christian Apologetics.

In the preface to the fourth edition, he explains the point of the book: Although An ava dua jalur does not say so specifically, the concept comes from Brightman.

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According to Carnell, systematic consistency is the proper criterion by which Christianity may be proved true. He views Christianity as an ava dua jalur hypothesis to be proved in much the same way a scientist would seek to prove a theory by showing its systematic consistency in accounting for all the data.

Carnell does not think this lack of rational certainty is a hindrance to faith; he contends that the believer who has an inner certainty and probable argument is better, not worse, off than the believer who has an an ava dua jalur certainty only.

The argument as we have summarized it to this point seems to place Carnell in the evidentialist tradition.

Christianity is a hypothesis to be tested according to rational criteria of internal coherence and external fitting of the facts; the correlation of the hypothesis with the external facts will result at best in a conclusion of probability, not deductive an ava dua jalur.

Carnell even invites a critical comparison of the Bible with the historical facts: Bring on your revelations!


A careful an ava dua jalur of the Bible reveals [! Systems are verified by the degree to which their major elements are consistent with one another and with the broad facts of history and nature. Finally, an evidentialist method is explicit in the following passage from The Kingdom of Love and the Pride of Life: A Christian is willing to accept the philosophy an ava dua jalur evidences that men of ordinary intelligence accept when they go about their daily business.

For example, such men believe that there was a man called Abraham Lincoln, and they believe because they feel that the evidences are sufficient.

Historical claims are neither established nor refuted by science and philosophy.

They can only be judged by the sort of common sense that takes pleasure in submitting to things as they are. Kingdom, An ava dua jalur and Reformed Apologetics If we were to stop at this point, we would seem to have presented a convincing case for classifying Carnell as an evidentialist.

But we have passed over certain aspects of his argument that do not fit this model. Assumptions are inevitable in daily life and in science, which cannot avoid making worldview assumptions about the nature of knowledge, reality, and ethics Carnell anticipates the criticism that he is arguing in a circle and replies that circular reasoning about ultimates is unavoidable: This is true for establishing the validity of any an ava dua jalur.

AVA Festival Day 2

The truth of the law of contradiction must be assumed to prove the validity of that axiom. Nature must be assumed to prove nature. Strict demonstration of a first postulate is impossible, as Aristotle pointed out, for it leads either to infinite regress or an ava dua jalur circular reasoning.

But if the existence of the God of the Bible is an ultimate assumption that cannot be demonstrated, how can it also be treated as an hypothesis to be questioned or tested? Carnell solves this problem by distinguishing the logical starting point of the Christian system, which would be the triune God of the Bible, from the synoptic starting an ava dua jalur, the conceptual point from which the logical starting point can be proved Introduction,

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